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Guest and Topic October 27 |

What’s with Marcus Lanz tonight?

Markus Lanz invites experts to discuss explosive social issues three times a week. The talk is an absolute guarantee of ratings and has been going on since 2008.

Running today Marcus Lanz 0:00 am on television on ZDF.

About today, 2022 on October 27, at midnight, and what kind of guests are expected, read here.

Topic and guest Markus Lanz on Wednesday

Today’s episode covers a variety of interesting topics.

Today you will visit Markus Lanz: Robert Habek, Minister of Economy and Green Party politician. It is about securing the energy supply, as well as rising gas and electricity prices, the continued operation of nuclear power plants and the Hamburg port agreement with China.

These are the broadcast dates for Marcus Lanz!

You can see this week’s talks on Tuesdays at 23:10, Wednesdays at 00:00. and Thursdays at 11:15 p.m. on television on ZDF.

For those who missed the show, after the broadcast from 1:00 p.m. can watch all episodes for free in the streaming media library of ZDF.

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