Melons, pandas and underpants are the preference of the aspiring German VTuber – who are the squirrels?

If you see a black-haired woman with a hat in her hair and anime style, it’s very likely that these are Suki’s “twists.” The 28-year-old streamer has been a VTuber for 2 years and has since seen a resurgence on Twitch. But who is she and what does she do on her channel? MyMMO will tell you.

What are sukidingels? Suki has been actively using Twitch since 2013 and from 2020 onwards. uses the anime-style VTuber model. Instead of a face camera, the anime character represents the streamer.

Her character has black, long hair with bright blue eyes. As a brand, she wears a melon hairpin. Her outfits change in various streams.

She herself writes that she especially likes watermelons, pandas and panties, and calls her viewers “Watermelon PandaPantsuCrew”. You can also find cute little pandas eating or interacting with watermelons everywhere on her channel.

This is what the sukidingel VTuber model looks like.

Sukidingels is usually frivolous, her sense of humor is sometimes quite ambiguous and she often has a good saying. She also has no problem letting her emotions go free. Viewers enjoy her style and actively support it (May 13, 2022):

  • Suki currently has 42,859 followers.
  • About 2330 people currently subscribe to it.
  • Your traffic is viewed by an average of 1,180 people (in the last 90 days).

VTubing has been insanely fashionable for some time, as the Ironmouse streamer showed:

Streamer has improved Twitch’s record by never showing off his face or skin

How do VTuberin shakes create their jerky flows?

Until 2020 Suki broadcast without a facial camera or pseudo-portrait. But since being on the platform, she has played a variety of games. Currently it includes Rust, Lost Ark, Pokémon and New World.

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When she’s not playing, the broadcaster draws or talks to her community about anime and other topics. Sukidingels also sings a variety of songs and always bids farewell to the same lullaby Goldenes Licht from the anime DoReMi.

Here you can see a clip with Suki’s previous avatar and emotional outburst:

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How did the streamer become famous? First, because of their ongoing work on Twitch, adding a VTube model and probably interacting with other celebrities such as streamers Dhalucard, Dennsen and Torro.

She also participated in Season 3 of Rustplatz2022 March. there were many different broadcasters involved, and the role-playing games took place on a separate server. It is part of the most successful Rust project in Germany.

In addition, she does not shy away from appearing in real life, as she will participate in this year ‘s “Dokomi” (via Anime convention in Düsseldorf, held once a year and attracting masses of visitors. So if you want, you can find sukidingel there.

What is your growth in numbers? March-April was at its peak and sometimes it managed to impress more than 2,000 people because of its traffic. In order to she was briefly one of the 5 largest streamers in Germany.

Suki now ranges from an average of 700 to 1,100 viewers, and in 2021. in the beginning it still ranged between 60 and 120 spectators. In any case, significant growth and success for the German Twitch streamer.

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