MontanaBlack Threatens To Quit Twitch Now He’s Sending Big Influencers To Jail On His Joyn Show

Marcel “MontanaBlack Eris (34) is one of Germany’s most successful streamers to jerk. However, he has probably been unhappy with his streaming home for a long time and has already threatened to leave the platform. His project on the Joyn streaming service is scheduled to launch in December.

What is this project? With Get Away, MontanaBlack gets its show on the streaming platform Joyn: Joyn is a joint project of several media companies, which also includes the stations ProSieben and Sat 1. Advertisements are everywhere when you watch one of the channels.

In addition to media libraries of individual TV stations, Joyn also has its own productions. This is not the first project with a streamer for the streaming platform: it was already in July “The Kingdom of Knossos” broadcast with German entertainer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla.

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MontanaBlack moderates influencer prison

What should a MontanaBlack show be about? Get Away is said to be an escape show. In a disused prison, some of Germany’s biggest influencers will have to complete individual and team challenges to finally escape from the prison.

MontanaBlack will serve as host and co-host alongside ProSieben host Steven Gätjen (including Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben). He will probably help or hinder the participants in their escape attempts.

The grand finale should feature “a particularly surprising challenge”.

Among the candidates is the German who replaced him at number 1

Who are the participants? 4 German influencers will compete against each other in Get Away. There are several of the biggest twitch streamer in Germany:

YouTuber Kayla Shyx is the only woman in the group

when will the show be? Get Away is set to be a live show and will air on December 11th. from 6 p.m. via Joyn. The show page isn’t up yet, but it’s safe to assume that Get Away will be available to watch for free.

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In fact, MontanaBlack has wanted to get away from Twitch for years.

Why is MontanaBlack unhappy on Twitch? in 2022 September. In an interview with YouTuber Staiy Montana, Black opened up about his frustrations with his streaming style. 3 things in particular bother a streamer about Twitch:

  • MontanaBlack has previously been in trouble with Twitch for violating the platform’s strict rules for sexual matters. Twitch even threatened him with a permanent ban after he wanted to give advice to young men in a “cool sex talk” in November if he brought up sexual topics again.
  • MontanaBlack has long been Germany’s biggest Twitch streamer, even one of the biggest in the world. Nevertheless, Twitch backed down after talking to him about an exclusive contract for half a year.
  • Twitch is becoming less and less profitable for big streamers. Some of the changes that the platform has introduced over the past few months don’t sit well with MontanaBlack at all. Among other things, the participation of streamers in revenue from paid subscriptions has been reduced.

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In fact, according to MontanaBlack, he would have left Twitch a long time ago. But there was simply no contest, or he wasn’t interested in it.

At this point, Joyn probably isn’t a real competitor to streaming giant Twitch. However, MontanaBlack is clearly flirting with alternative providers. Perhaps he’s also hoping that Twitch will renegotiate the exclusivity contract.

Get Away isn’t MontanaBlack’s first TV appearance. At the beginning of November, he already participated in the ProSieben with Trymacs and Knossi Wok World Cup 2022, where he finished a miserable 8th place. In retrospect, that wasn’t what annoyed him the most about the show:

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