MontanaBlack to cancel long-planned CoD tournament with Twitch buddies – “I’m used to something like this”

Marcel MontanaBlack, Germany’s biggest Twitch broadcaster, is planning to host its Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tournament in April. There were some well-known personalities from Twitch and YouTube. However, MontanaBlack had to stop the tournament after almost 2 hours due to DDoS attacks on the server.

What was that tournament like? MontanaBlack Black Ops 2 tournament 8 teams of 4 people each should compete against each other. The team leaders were 8 well-known content creators from YouTube and Twitch, who managed to add 3 more people. They played against each other for € 8,000.

It all started on May 14 at 4 p.m. You can find out the exact commands on the MontanaBlack Twitter:

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How did the preparation go? The servers were hosted by Plutonium in America. However, the setup turned out to be more difficult than expected and the host had to set everything up individually. The tournament was even postponed due to this Twitter).

YouTuber HapticRush and colleagues have also helped set up servers, moderate them, and get things started. For a month, they tested the servers and made sure everything was running smoothly, Haptic said on the evening of the tournament.

Want to know more about MontanaBlack? You can do this in our video:

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DDoS attacks are forcing MontanaBlack to cancel the tournament

How did the tournament go? Almost not. At first, everything seemed to be going well. However, delays began later and participants complained about pings ranging from 300 to 400. At first, it was not clear why this was the case, as the servers and the Internet were stable.

At some point, it turned out that DDoS attacks were probably running at an IP address. For almost 2 hours, Haptic, his colleagues and MontanaBlack tried to enter the tournament.

You can watch the Twitch broadcast here:

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About an hour later, Erie no longer hoped, “If it works, it works. If we have problems again, we will cancel the tournament. ”That is what happened. The streamer stopped the tournament saying:

Nothing can be done now, talk. This is, of course, very, very unfortunate. (…) Haptic has invested so much time and love there with his team, and it is an absolute shame for him right now.


HapticRush, after spending so much time, was clearly surprised and left the traffic for a while. On MontanaBlack, on the other hand, it seemed pretty easy:

I’ll be honest, guys, I’m used to it. You know that DDoS has always been an issue. (…) For example, was a regular geDDoSt when we ran campaigns.


He also appealed to his Twitch colleagues not to be upset because that’s what the DDoSers want to achieve. He then continued his flow as usual, playing Fall Guys and other games with some of the tournament players.

Will the tournament be repeated? Probably not for the first time. In the end, MontanaBlack just said, “Unfortunately, the Black Ops 2 tournament has been canceled for now. (…) This is how it is. We cannot change anything now and we will not be able to change anything. Wipe your mouth and continue – easy as a cake.

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