Nutrition in childhood: breastfeeding needs strength!

The baby is here! And receives mother’s milk as the first food. And with it a lot of nutrients that the mother eats. That is why many mothers now want to do everything right. Only: In practice, it’s not that simple. “I can’t go anywhere” – midwife and ecotrophologist Alexandra Lesmann doesn’t hear a sentence as often as this one. Therefore, before giving birth, she advises that children’s bed to prepare: “Chicken or vegetable stock, soups and stews are great for cooking ahead of time and freezing – preferably in batches. Then the defrosting happens quickly and you don’t have to eat the same thing in two days.” Also useful: a pantry and a refrigerator just before Childbirth fill. Dry goods such as pasta, rice and pulses such as lentils last about a year – ideal for storage. Also nuts and breakfast cereal. You can also stock up on cottage cheese, yogurt, and longer-lasting milk and butter for two weeks. As an exception, buy packaged cheese and sausage. Meat and fish can be stored well frozen.

“The demand to buy fresh food every day is stressful for many breastfeeding mothers,” says ecotrophologist Birgit Henrich. Healthy to Life Network in Bonn. But it doesn’t have to be. “Frozen vegetables are a great alternative when the fridge is empty because freezing preserves the vitamins,” says Henrich. Freeze sliced ​​whole-wheat bread – it can be removed by the slice and thaws quickly.

Share tasks even during childbirth

When a baby is born, parental teamwork is essential. Mom is breastfeeding the baby, dad is preparing breakfast. This way the day starts more freely. “You can also have a bowl of trail mix on your nightstand for your first appetizer in the morning,” advises Alexandra Lesmann.

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Regular meals are important. But don’t worry about time-consuming cooking: scrambled eggs are quick, easy and can be enhanced with vegetable strips. Eating something “smart” doesn’t have to be warm. Salads are also welcome.

By the way, it used to be a nice custom to put prepared food in front of the door of new parents. “We ask friends and relatives who want to get to know the little one to bring something to eat,” Henrich urges. For example, even to warm up ready-made food. Or cold cuisine treasures like couscous, pasta salad or cheese sandwiches with veggie sticks. If you are afraid to ask for help: Today there are also delivery services that send boxes after giving birth.

However, there are days when there is really no time to eat. If you’re hungry, yogurt with a banana is healthier than chocolate. A handful of nuts is even better. They keep you full longer. “Of course, fruit spikes your blood sugar, but then it comes back down quickly and you’re immediately hungry again,” Henrich says.

Hardly any blanket bans during childbirth

Statements such as: “Tomatoes and citrus fruits hurt the bottom also cause uncertainty. Onions and leeks cause colic in the baby.” Today, midwives and doctors refrain from universal prohibitions. “Spaghetti Arrabiata isn’t the first dish I recommend, but if you want it, that’s fine,” says Lesmann. “That gas, allergy or a baby’s bottom hurts It’s not proven to be related to the mother’s diet,” says the midwife, “but I’ve experienced it before.” So she recommends trying it. “Asparagus and garlic can also stay on the menu, as long as mom and baby get it,” Henrich adds. Lesmann only advises against sage and peppermint, as they suppress milk production.

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Even vegetarians can follow their diet. On the other hand, avoiding all animal products and going vegan while breastfeeding is not recommended. Nevertheless, Alexandra Lesmann has gained experience: “Vegans are informed and well prepared to provide nutrients.” At the same time, she emphasizes: “Use your doctor and take vitamin B12 as a supplement.” Network Gesund intos Leben warns: “Otherwise, vitamin B12 deficiency the child is at risk of serious and irreversible harm.”

It is also important to drink: a glass of water every time you breastfeed. “There’s sugar in the juice, but it’s better to drink a spray than nothing,” advises Henrich. Only alcohol is taboo. And coffee? “Up to two cups a day is fine,” she says. “It’s better right after breastfeeding, then…

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