Overwatch 2 Counter: Who’s Against Who?

A few things have changed in the new edition of Activision Blizzard’s shooter. But just as important as in the first part is the formation you go into battle with. To better understand which heroes are most effective against the enemy team’s picks, we’ve put together an overview here.

Zarya is considered one of the most aggressive tanks

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D.Va: opposed by Moira, Sombra, Symmetra, Zayra

Due to D.Va. suitable for heroes whose projectiles are not stopped by their matrix.

Doomfist: opposed by Ash, Echo, Pharah, Sombra, Torbjörn

Air characters are especially strong against Doomfist because he’s not that easy to get to.

Junker Queen: opposed by Ash, Bastion, Hanzo, Widowmaker

Long-range DPS is especially effective at knocking out the opposing Junker Queen, as the Queen only deals high damage at close range.

Idol: opposed by Echo, Junkrat, Reaper, Sojourn

You need a lot of firepower against Orissa’s many hit points.

Reinhardt: opposed by Echo, Junkrat, Kiriko, Lucio, Pharah

Reinhardt is big and heavy. However, his mobility suffers from his thick armor. With heroes like Lucio and Kiriko, you are fast enough to attack the knight from many angles.

Roadhog doesn’t wait for support, he just heals himself

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Roadhog: opposed by Ana, Bastion, Kiriko, Reaper, Sombra

With a large Hitbox, Junkrat’s best friend is vulnerable to many options.

Sigma: opposed by Echo, Pharah, Sojourn, Symmetra, Winston

A Tesla Cannon or Symmetra weapon easily penetrates Sigma’s Shift ability.

Winston: opposed by Ana, Brigitte, Mei, Reaper, Torbjörn

With targeted tranquilizer darts, diving into the backline can quickly become Winston’s undoing.

Wrecking Ball: opposed by Ana, Brigitte, Reaper, Sombra, Torbjörn

A hamster’s mobility is its most important weapon. Hacking Torbjörn’s turret or burning constantly can seriously damage them.

Zarya: opposed by Ash, Pharah, Sombra, Zenyatta (Ultimate)

The Graviton Bomb can be completely neutralized by Zenyatta’s aiming end.

Air Supremacy Pharah until hitscan works

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Ashes: opposed by Hanzo, Tracer, Widowmaker

Other snipers like Hanzo and Widowmaker help fight Ash.

Bastion: opposed by Ana, D.Va, Genji, Sigma, Zarya

With Genji or Zarya, you can use Bastion’s high damage to your advantage.

Cassidy: countered by Genji, soldier: 76, Tracer, Winston

As fast as Tracer is, even the best cowboy has a hard time hitting her.

Echo: opposed Ash, Cassidy, soldier: 76, widow

Against air forces, hitscan heroes like Soilder:76 should be your first choice.

Genji: opposed by Ana, Brigitte, Pharah, Torbjörn, Winston, Zarya

Brigitte and Zarya can deal damage despite the ninja’s ability to reflect.

Hanzo: opposed by D.Va, Genji, Widowmaker, Winston

At the right time, you can easily swallow a Dragon Smash through D.Va’s matrix.

Junkrat: opposed by Pharah, Echo, Widowmaker, Torbjörn

Junkrat is particularly vulnerable to weather damage.

Mei: opposed by Ash, Echo, Hanzo, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Widow

To avoid frostbites, it’s better to attack Mei from a safe distance.

Pharaoh: opposed Ash, Cassidy, D.Va., Soldier: 76, Widow

Gunner Hanzo has a terrible ult

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Like Echo, Pharah is a hit with Ash or Widowmaker.

Cutting machine: opposed by Ash, Echo, Pharah, Widowmaker, Zenyatta (Ultimate)

In combat, you almost always lose to the Reaper’s hellguns.

Visit: opposed by Sombra, Tracer, Widowmaker, Zarya

With Sombra you can severely limit the mobility of the opposing Sojourn.

Soldier: 76: opposed by D.Va, Genji, Lúcio (Ultimate), Reinhardt, Zenyatta (Ultimate)

Reinhardt’s large shield protects a large area from potential damage.

Sombra: retorted D.Va, Symmetra, Torbjörn, Zarya

With Fusion Cannons, you have the best chance of blocking Sombra when he is currently invisible.

Symmetry: opposed by Ash, Echo, Pharah, Widowmaker, Winston

The Symmetra Proton Projector has a limited range. She is almost powerless against long term damage.

Torbjörn: opposed by Ash, Hanzo, Sickle, Soldier: 76, Widow

To take out a dwarf turret quickly, you’ll need to aim and deal a lot of damage quickly.

Tracers: opposed by Echo, Kiriko, Pharah, Torbjörn, Zenyatta (Ultimate)

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