Participation in 2022 census survey is mandatory

What is 2022 census?

2022 the census collects statistics on the population. Current figures, demographics of the population and living situation are collected. The data collected is used by federal, state and local authorities, for example, when planning day care centers, care facilities or infrastructure projects.

The census takes place every ten years since 2011. In fact, the survey was supposed to be conducted last year. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the census was postponed. Now he will be caught.

When will 2022 take place? census?

Data collection takes place from May to August. The reference date for the survey was 2022 May 15 fixed.

Who is being interviewed?

About 10.3 million people participate in the household survey. German population. They will be selected at random and will receive information by mail.

But beware, there are special rules. Residents from a dormitory or shared dwelling are not always entered in the population register. Therefore, information is collected from the entire population.

The population and housing census is conducted for the first time after the population census. 23 million owners and housing administrations must provide information about their residential property.

What is being asked?

First, personal information about names, date of birth, Gender, Nationality, profession required.

Additional questions can be asked on the following questions:

  • Education / training
  • employment
  • housing situation
  • Migration

How is the survey conducted?

The first basis is provided by municipal registers. As a result, households are randomly interviewed in person during an on-site survey. About 100,000 survey officials travel door-to-door. The interview should take between five and ten minutes. Certain questions can also be answered online through the website. If you do not have online access, you can also send the questionnaire in paper form.

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Do I have to take the survey?

Yes! You have a legal obligation to provide information. If you cancel the survey after being reminded again, fines or penalties may be imposed. The relevant federal state determines what the fine may be.

Am I receiving an expense allowance?

no You, as the respondent, will not receive any reimbursement of expenses.

Who can see the data I provide?

The data collected are evaluated anonymously. Therefore, it will not be possible to draw conclusions about individuals from the results. Instead, average values ​​should be calculated.

When will 2022 be published? census results?

Then the results wait a while. Data are expected to be published in 2023. at the end.

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