Pension tax is falling sharply: these cohorts benefit in particular

  • Many are currently retiring double taxed
  • So much for pension insurance contributions as well as later retirement fees are paid
  • This should be prevented – traffic light plans change in retirement
  • will Retirees will soon have significant tax savings? It depends

Germany’s pension model is outdated and in urgent need of reform. Even if major updates are still pending, the federal government has it development put in the way She wants them double taxation of pensions to cancel and thus eliminate injustice in the pension system. Some screws benefit from this change in particular.

The pension tax is significantly reduced: how is the pension taxed?

The current traffic lights coalition wants to prevent double taxation of pensions. The current situation is that employees to pay taxes first on the insurance premiums and then on the pension i must With the pension increase in 2022, even more pensioners will have to pay taxes in the future.

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