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Part of the planned reform of housing allowances is also included in the third aid package of the Government. What sufferers need to know.

Berlin – Considering Ukrainian war intensified and the related energy crisis, the coalition of traffic lights on September 4 the third aid package for the German population announced It should also benefit housing benefit recipients.

Anyone on housing benefit should one-time subsidy for heating in autumn to receive In the housing benefit reform planned at the beginning of the year, the subsidy must become a permanent part, expanding the group of persons entitled to receive housing benefit.

The reform of housing benefit is intended to give more money to those affected in difficult times. © Sascha Steinach/Imago

Lump sum benefit: housing benefit reform from 2023 month of January

With Government Housing Benefit Calculator easy to find out are you currently entitled to housing benefit payments? and how much money you could theoretically get. If you are eligible, you must submit an application to the municipal housing benefit authority. But be careful: if you are already receiving social benefit, you cannot apply for additional housing benefit.

However, the circle of beneficiaries must be expanded from January 2023 – at least according to the Government’s plan. Among other things, pensioners should continue to receive housing benefit. Exactly how computing and applications should then work remains to be seen.

Relief: housing benefit reform for all ‘low-income earners’

One of the measures to combat inflation and the energy crisis is to pay housing benefit recipients another one-time heating subsidy from September to December. After that, the subsidy for the affected persons will be permanently included in the housing allowance, the report says. to lump sum payment consists of at least 415 eurosas seen in the coalition document:

DER SPIEGEL - program update
415 euros
540 euros
Additional 100 eur
Source: Notice on aid package III

Meanwhile, the Traffic Light Coalition is pushing for “major reform of housing benefit” “early next year”, the Chancellor said. Olaf Scholz (SPD) was already said in July. In addition to the integration of the subsidy for heating costs, pensioners should benefit “in particular” from the reform. The pool of those eligible for housing benefit is to be expanded to help those “who are on low incomes,” Scholz said. (neither with DPA)

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