Political Problem Engine Rules: Who Benefits From Delay Tactics?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – June 29th The FIA ​​World Motor Sports Council will meet on But since the beginning of June, things have changed. Apparently, the topic is being pulled again – very frustrating for newcomers to Porsche and Audi.

Peter Bayer (FIA)

Since Peter Bayer left, in 2026. engine rules have been postponed


Everything would be so well believed. A formally approved engine regulation is a prerequisite for Porsche and Audi to officially announce their participation in Formula One. In terms of content, everything seemed clear after months of negotiations, and the World Council on 29 June. had to announce everything about Porsche joining Red Bull on July 6th. before home Red Bull Ring.

Everything between Red Bull and Porsche has been resolved for weeks. Audi also has a clear view of where the road is leading. Contrary to other media reports, Williams has never been a serious problem. No common denominator was found with McLaren. The overall design of the Aston Martin was ultimately too complex. All that was left was clean.

Audi has made a commitment: negotiations have begun to join Sauber.

Now everything is clear with the Hinwil team (previously in contact with two other German manufacturers – Mercedes and BMW). Audi is expected to become the majority owner and Finn Rausing will retain shares. The power units are made in Germany. This is a different strategy than Porsche’s.

The sister company from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plans to operate mainly from England. In the background, they are currently organizing who will lead the Porsche Formula 1 project. In the last few months, things have been going up with Austrian Fritz Enzinger.

"Anyone who beats FC Bayern is definitely not a direct customer..."

Although he is a director of Porsche Motorsport 2021 October 1 handed over to Thomas Laudenbach; but was responsible for planning the Formula 1 project and negotiating with Porsche. Enzinger has already announced in September that he will retire in the summer of 2022. It is possible that he will remain on board as an adviser. But an operational business needs a new person.

Red Bull & Porsche: A press release has already been scheduled

In fact, it was planned that on July 6. Not only will it be announced that Porsche will join Red Bull as an equal partner, but it will also be leading the project on the Porsche side as head of the new Formula 1 company. According to reports, the candidate is already there. However, official notification cannot take place until the engine rules are in place.

The situation is similar with Audi. The Ingolstadt-based company also plans to set up a new Formula 1 company. This is likely to be the case for Julius Seebach, currently CEO of Audi Sport GmbH; or engineer Adam Baker, who was brought to Audi by the FIA ​​but who never ran a company of this magnitude.

Regardless of the inside of Porsche and Audi, political games always start when new players want to enter the Formula 1 stage. “I think there are so many players in the discussion that there’s always an attempt to bring something new or work with the rules,” says Toto Wolff, Mercedes’s team leader.

Peter Bayer: Chief Negotiator for 2026 rules

Ferrari team chief Mattia Binotto said a few months ago: “The goal is for the new rules to be in place by June and to be voted on in June.” But since the FIA ​​fired Peter Bayer, the man who was in charge of the 2026 talks. engine rules, this graph seems to be shaking.

Towed car: who pays? Beware of brazen scammers

It’s an interesting combination of supposed coincidences: just June 1st, the day you Bayer ‘s dismissal was announced, it was leaked through informal channels that the regulation should still not be on the agenda for 29 June. And that would be particularly unfavorable for Porsche and Audi, who want to drive anyway.

All relevant brand bodies and the parent company Volkswagen have agreed to participate in Formula 1. However, the green light is on the condition that the rules are formalized as they have been negotiated over the last few months. In the absence of a decision by the World Council, there is no entrance.

Does Sulayem just want to show his power?

There are different versions of the Formula One site, which is delaying the World Council’s decision. One says that FIA President Mohammed bin Sulayem unilaterally …

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