Rangers | Craig Moore: “I just want to see smiling faces”

Craig Moore (46) was not only a six-time champion and four-time cup winner with the Glasgow Rangers, but Australia was also the club’s captain. From 1994 to 2005 once a steep sweeper defended with a short break for Gers, and in 2005 also played Gladbache for a year. Moore has now returned to Scotland and is still next to the Rangers, having previously played for coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

Rangers still close: Craig Moore.

Rangers still close: Craig Moore.
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Mr Moore, the European League Final – would you have thought of that a few years ago?
This club has had an incredible journey. I never thought the Rangers would recover so quickly after this bankruptcy. But especially in the last two or three years, they have a competitive team again, including for Europe.

In the previous two seasons, the Rangers have reached the eighth final of the European League.
And that’s why the end this time around isn’t such a big surprise. Especially not after they knocked out Dortmund this time in the first round of the playoffs. This gave the team good self-confidence.

How did you survive the catastrophic 2012 when the club was reinstated in Division 4?
It was a dark time for all the rangers, a brutal collapse. But it was also incredible that even in Division 4, Ibrox had 50,000 fans. This shows the exceptional status of this club. And how important it is that we are back.

Did Steven Gerrard contribute to the rebirth of last year’s championship?
When Steven came in 2018, he took on a very hard job as a first coach. The order has always been masterful, but with limited resources. He did it with a lot of hard work and a clear plan – and at that time he broke the record of Celtic’s ten titles in a row. Steven laid the foundation from which we now benefit.

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst

On the road to success with the Rangers: Coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst.
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Gerrard now works at Aston Villa, and Giovanni van Bronckhorst took over your former teammate in November. What makes it stand out?
He is Dutch, tactically incredibly flexible, often reacting to bold changes during the game. Gio can also optimally prepare a team for just such an opponent. See it 4: 2 Dortmundwhen the BVB seemed very surprised.

There was still a shortage of money in January and reinforcement was not possible.
We had some very quiet transfer windows, yes. But I hope that this European League will also help a little bit financially to strengthen the team. The final winner is in the Champions League, so that would be another boost for the box office and a strong signal for all of Scottish football.

And that would help Rangers with transitions.
Natural. This is how we attract players who may not be the best yet, but appreciate the opportunity here. You now know that there are large internationally competitive clubs in Scotland. Then there is an atmosphere in the stadiums that is simply unique.

James Tavernier, the most productive player in the all-European league, with seven goals, helped in the final. How does he do it as a right-back defender?
And he shot everyone in the knockout, a great guy. He usually plays right-back, but James always goes ahead, bounces off strong balls, performs well on penalties and has an incredible time when he needs to show up at the far end. The perfect captain of this club.

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The best strikers Alfredo Morelos and Omar Roof were injured.
There was also a great shortage of them on the pitch, and the Rangers attack game could be improved. But without a true midfielder, the game is broader, like with Ryan Kent on the edge, who dares a lot. In the middle I like Joe Aribo, he pushes a lot.

Always great support: Glasgow Rangers fans.

Always great support: Glasgow Rangers fans. …

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