Reality Star Battle: Who’s Out? What’s in the 7 series?


The Battle of the Stars of Reality – Who’s Out? In Series 6, the two stars had to show the show again. who came out And at the end is the record!

While the reality stars are still dancing their punishment and swearing by the theme song “Game of Fame,” the Wall of Truth poses a new challenge for them: they have to determine which of their island colleagues they don’t want to see. with the public. They spontaneously choose not to follow the rules of the game and prefer kindness. Newcomers Malkiel and Yeliz are in the front. Malchiel, who is in 1st place, has to pay for it: the precious broadcasting time is taken away from him in a very special way. He becomes a backup for Cathy Hummels! What would make others happy is the insult in front of the card reader – and almost a reason to leave the island …

But the episode also has a ray of hope for our celebrities – the suitcases are back! Decorated and nurtured, they can take part in the security game “Faithful Family”. Among other things, it is important to gain knowledge of geography from primary school – on average. “Celebrity age guessing” works a little better, and although Elena confuses Spain and Portugal, she eventually manages to score the most points and is therefore safe in the upcoming selection.

Reality Star Battle – Who’s Out?

Yasin’s efforts to save the Gemini and persuade Malchiel to vote for his girlfriend Nina Kristin are bearing fruit. In the Moment of Truth, Malkiel and Yeliz decide for the “treacherous.” But Nina Kristin’s time on the island is really over, she gets the most coins from the rest of the group. At the very end, a surprise: Iris Klein is finally on the beach in stellar color and is now claiming € 50,000 and the coveted Reality Star of 2022.

Daniel Köllerer Celebrity Penance: CRAZY DANI also has a SENSITIVE side - Finale: 11.8.

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