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The murder in U.S. elementary school caused horror. There is another debate about gun laws. The NRA in the Lobby of Arms plays an important role.

“When, in the name of God, will we defeat against the lobby of weapons? This question was asked by the President of the United States Joe Biden on Tuesday. Earlier, a rampage took place in a Texas elementary school in which an 18-year-old criminal killed 19 children and a teacher. An action that brings back the already ubiquitous debate about the U.S. NRA lobbyist. “We have to act,” Biden said. But what does that mean, what is an NRA and what is its power? An overview of one of the most controversial issues USA.

What is an NRA?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) in 1871. Founded in New York by two Civil War veterans. It quickly became the largest arms lobby organization in the United States. The original purpose of the NRA was to encourage people to learn about firearms and sport shooting. It also represents a fundamental opinion: the right to have a weapon is inviolable. This right is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which is also the merit of the NRA.

In the first year, the organization barely appeared politically. However, the NRA has been radical since the 1970s. The reason for this was the adoption of the Law on Arms Control, the Law on Arms Control. Since then, the organization has insisted on a second amendment that the NRA says weapons can be freely owned and carried.

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Since then, the lobbying unit of the National Riflemen’s Association has tried to stop any attempts to tighten gun laws. She always talks about the issue of security. The slogan: “The only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.” That’s what Wayne LaPierre, who has been the U.S. executive in the arms lobby for more than 30 years, said. The sentence makes it clear that the organization sees the danger to society not in the weapons but in the people who use them.

How important is NRAs in the US?

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Weapon madness and lobbying power is an eternal problem in the United States

Over the past few decades, the NRA has become the most influential political organization in the United States. Around her, she gathered many famous sponsors. Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck, and Sarah Palin, a former Republican candidate, are just three of them. Also a former president Donald Trump is a lobby lover.

According to the NRA, approximately one million gun owners learn to operate guns each year. To achieve this, more than 100,000 coaches are employed. The annual budget is a quarter of a billion dollars, made up of donations and membership fees.

An influential lobbyist organization focuses on politics in Washington. It is worn primarily by Republican politicians with long traditions. However, the NRA has long been active in all U.S. states. As soon as there is a debate on tightening arms laws, lobbyists take action. This was a success, for example, in 1986, when part of it was abolished in 1968. Arms Control Act.

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The power of the NRA was also demonstrated in 1993 and 1994, when Democratic Party President Bill Clinton tightened arms laws. During the mid-term election, the NRA acted against supporters in Congress. The latter, dominated by Republicans, allowed the introduced law to expire again in 2004. A year later, the arms industry was also protected from lawsuits by law. There have been some successes for which the organization can take credit. Clinton once said, “The NRA is the reason Republicans control the House.”

For this reason, the NRA, despite many opponents of arms laws, has seen little change in arms legislation over the years. The debate that ensues after mass shootings and massacres is always interrupted, including in the lobby.

Strategy of the National Riflemen’s Association

There are several reasons why NRAs continue to be successful in influencing legislation in the United States. One way is through campaigns, donations and grants. For example, in the 2016 election campaign, Trump received about $ 30 million from the lobby. But other lobbying organizations also deal with victims …

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