Resistance to Hitler: Benno Neuburger died 80 years ago – Munich

Benno Neuburger from Munich is protesting Hitler and the Holocaust with postcards, knowing he will be killed by sending the ninth at the latest. Who was this Jewish resister who is still almost unknown even to historians?

In early 1942 September 18 a man sentenced to death by the infamous People’s Court for “preparing to commit high treason” was executed in Berlin-Plötzensee prison this morning. Benno Neuburger, a 72-year-old Jew from Munich, has been protesting Hitler and the genocide of European Jews in anonymous postcards since 1941. autumn to 1942 spring What is remarkable is that Neuburger is unusually clear early on about the dimension of the extermination campaign. Nevertheless, this Jewish resistance is still largely unknown even to historians, let alone in the public consciousness.

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