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I received a very annoying message on Saturday night: I was contacted by someone whose identity I cannot reveal at this time. The person approached me and showed me his smartphone. “Have you seen the fight for you on Wikipedia!

“Sorry?” I asked. “Some people think you’re important, and others want you to be deleted,” my informant said. “What ?! Who created the record anyway?” I asked.

omniscient 2.0 “I don’t see it,” the source said, “he didn’t write his real name.” He calls himself Know-it-all 2.0. “Aha,” I said, took my smartphone out of the informant’s hand and saw Wikipedia’s inner workings for the first time in my life.

In fact, members of the online encyclopedia have been arguing online about whether I am eligible for the record. Some argued that I wrote the book. Others said it had not been sufficiently reviewed.
One said I’m “just a journalist doing my job,” so I don’t need to be listed on Wikipedia. I think that is, by the way, a top-level compliment. Or not?

But how embarrassing it was to think for a few seconds. Everyone will think I created the record myself and want to make myself important. And who involved me in all this?
“I’ll find out what Know-It-All 2.0 is,” I told my informant. – Let’s see what else he posted on Wikipedia.

account At this point, my source has become quite humble. “I know everything about 2.0 myself,” he explained. -Don’t have anything better to do? “No, I was bored,” the knowledgeable man said. I didn’t know if to laugh or cry. I finally went to sleep. Just before I fell asleep, I was thinking about persuading Know-it-all the next day to let my account reach out to critics of my Wikipedia post.

If there is anything else I can wish for, it’s just this one sentence: “She’s just a journalist doing her job …”

“You are right, people, delete me!” I wanted to write. But then, of course, they would all think the record was my own idea. I decided to fall asleep on it one night. Maybe the problem would resolve itself.

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The next morning I immediately grabbed my smartphone lying on the bedside table. I searched google for my name and Wikipedia and it got a lot easier: the deletion faction won, the record disappeared.

But someone made a similar post about me on EverybodyWiki. I swear, it’s not me either – and knowledge also confirms (this time reliably) that the author – not himself Cute wiki community, I don’t need any posts! But if I can still wish for anything, it’s just this one sentence: “She’s just a journalist doing her job …”

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