Results of the Unna II NRW state elections in 2022 and 2017

Voter turnout, election winners, etc.
2022 and 2017 state elections – Unna II constituency winners and losers

North Rhine-Westphalia will vote on the new state parliament on 15 May. The exit is still open. Here are the results of the Unna II constituency on election night. How voters voted in 2017 in the state election, read here.

A new state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia is elected every five years. This year’s election will take place on May 15. On election day, in this article, you can find out how voters in Unna II constituency decide which party will get the most votes and who will rule the state in the coming legislature. But first, a bit of a retrospective: the current state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia was elected in 2017. May 14 At the state level, the CDU received the most votes, receiving 33.2 percent. second votes. The party formed a coalition with the FDP (12.8 percent). At the time, black and yellow replaced the red-green state government of Hannelore Kraft (SPD). Armin Laschet (CDU) has become the new prime minister. Here you can find out what the election result and voter turnout in Unna II looked like.

Voter turnout in Unna II constituency in 2017 in state elections

Voter turnout in Unna II constituency in 2017 was 62.7 percent. A total of 108,778 citizens had the right to vote here. Of these, 68,200 people cast their votes. The constituency election offices found 742 invalid second votes and 859 invalid first votes.

Right to vote: age, citizenship – this applies to 2022 NRW state elections

Who can vote is state election regulations In the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. Everyone who has reached the age of 18, has German citizenship and lived in the NRW for at least 16 days before the election has the right to vote. NRW has the right to vote for about 13.2 million. The right to vote is state constitution and to state election law embedded – see more detailed settings state election regulations.

This party was the strongest force in the 2017 state election in Unna II constituency

In NRW state elections, citizens are generally allowed to cast two votes. In the first ballot, citizens elect a direct candidate in their constituency. The second ballot shall elect one of the parties to participate in the state elections. The sum of these votes ultimately determines how many seats a party has in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia.

On the one hand, these seats are held by direct candidates who enter Parliament first. There are also candidates that the parties have put on state lists. The more seats a party has, the more candidates from the list will enter the state parliament without direct candidates.

The strongest force in Unna II in 2017 was the SPD. The party of second votes at that time collected 37.5 percent. Results in detail:

  • CDU: 29.3 percent, 19,753 votes
  • SPD: 37.5 percent, 25,275 votes
  • Greens: 4.6 percent, 3,081 votes
  • FDP: 9.9 percent, 6,656 votes
  • AfD: 8.9 percent, 5,976 votes
  • Remaining: 4.3 percent, 2,925 votes
  • Other: 5.6 percent, 3,792 votes

The first of 2017 the result of the state election in Unna II constituency

The SPD received the most votes in the Unna II constituency (41.8%). Her direct candidate entered the state parliament in 2017. Results in detail:

  • CDU: 31.6 percent, 21,296 votes
  • SPD: 41.8 percent, 28,149 votes
  • Greens: 4.3 percent, 2,913 votes
  • FDP: 8.0 percent, 5,415 votes
  • AfD: 7.6 percent, 5,130 votes
  • Remaining: 4.7 percent, 3173 votes
  • Other: 1.9 percent, 1,265 votes

About 2022 state elections we provide you with all the information, reactions, background information and analysis. You can find them all on our review page Results in all constituencies – visualized and analyzed in real time.

Here is ours State election documentation.

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