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Gas price increases and cut-offs by energy suppliers are a concern for many gas consumers. A brake on gas prices and emergency relief should relieve them. What rights do users have? Tips on how to save energy.

Energy consumption is also increasing gas prices shoot up. By 2023, they could double. Therefore, consumer advocates advise gas users to reduce consumption and set aside money for possible additional payments and higher advance payments. Users should also modernize or optimize the heating system.

A brake on gas prices and emergency aid should provide relief to citizens

The federal government plans to ease the gas price freeze on consumers to ease the financial burden. She probably will delivered in January. In the new year, households for 80 percent of previous consumption are to receive a guaranteed twelve cents per kilowatt-hour gross gas price. The contract price should apply to the remaining 20 percent of consumption. For central heating, the guaranteed gross price should be 9.5 cents. In addition, gas and district heating consumers will receive one in December Emergency assistance as a one-time state payment.

Suppliers cannot simply raise prices

Many people fear price rises or sudden cuts from their energy supplier – along with high gas bills for the replacement supply. The Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Center receives many inquiries on this topic and is aware of cases of illegal termination of contracts as well as price increases and discounts. She points out that consumers who have concluded a contract with a fixed-term price guarantee do not have to fear sudden cost jumps. Energy suppliers are still bound by agreed contracts and prices. This does not apply to users who are primary care are, that is, they have not concluded a special contract with the supplier. Here the supplier can increase the prices.

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If the contract is concluded with a fixed price, object to the increase

“Suppliers are still bound by their prices. It doesn’t matter whether the general terms and conditions include an unlimited or limited price guarantee,” says Tiana Schönbohm from the Lower Saxony Consumer Advisory Center. The cap generally applies to components of the state price, such as the EEG surcharge, but not to increased procurement costs. Affected parties under a price guarantee contract should object to higher advance payments and may do so sample letter to use Under no circumstances should they independently reduce the required deductions.

Notifications of price increases are subject to certain rules

If you receive a notice from the utility about a price increase, you should read it carefully. Because the letters are often not only unacceptable, but also incorrect, according to the Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Center. The supplier must inform the main service providers in writing six weeks before the price increase. For other rates, four weeks notice is sufficient. In both cases, the supplier must “clearly and clearly” indicate the special right to terminate the contract in the event of a price increase.

If the deadline was not met or the special right of termination was hidden, the victims should object, even if the price increase is legal. The supplier must then inform again and correctly. The date of this notice is decisive for the extension or granting of a special right to terminate the contract.

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After termination of the contract, the right to basic services arises

Anyone who terminates a special contract – either after the contract expires or due to a price increase – and does not sign a new energy contract is entitled to a basic supply from their energy supplier. The consumer center receives many complaints that victims replacement supply to be included. This may involve higher costs. “Substitute supply only comes into effect if something goes wrong – for example, the supplier cannot be changed, the supply is interrupted due to insolvency, or the network operator stops using the network,” says Julia Schröder, an expert in Lower Energy Law. Saxon Consumer Advice Center. She advises writing to the energy supplier to object and require inclusion in primary care.

Check for a possible new replacement supply contract

Anyone who has received a notice of termination, for example due to the insolvency of the service provider and replacement supply…

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