“Sing My Song” in 2022 Series 4: Who is the singer Kelvin Jones?

“Sing My Song” in 2022 Series 4 is dedicated to singer Kelvin Jones

Vox’s Sing Mein Song today, 2022 May 17, enters the fourth stage and will feature songs reminiscent of the soul Kelvin Jones more emotional than ever. The concept Music show simple as well as genius: in the evening seven singers meet and six of them interpret one by one Song from the seventh, whose evening is. : seventh Musician can sit down and listen to others reinterpret his songs. Anything can happen: a ballad turns into a metal song or a pop song is interpreted as a punk anthem. Everything is always quite emotional and in the end the winner is not crowned, but somehow everyone is the winner of “Sing mein Song”.

The seventh musician to sit down tonight Kelvin Jones. Wondering who Kelvin Jones is? We can assure you: His the biggest hit you really know!

With this hit in 2022. Singer Kelvin Jones became a star overnight

The most surprising thing Kelvin Jones? The singer really wanted to mechanical Engineer will. In 1995, when Kelvin Jones was born in Zimbabwe, he moved to London at the age of nine and began studying mechanical engineering there after graduating from school. In 2014, his life turned upside down: his friend posted an acoustic version of Kelvin Jones’ song “Call You Home” on Reddit and turned the student into a star overnight. And you probably know exactly this mega hit:


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Kelvin Jones has signed with the Fantastic Four.

Less than 24 hours after the song was released, that was the case Kelvin Jones already heard everywhere. American television also wanted the musician. After his success at Chat show “Good Morning America” ​​was discovered by Kelvin Jones in Germany and nothing but “Fantastic four“The young musician has signed a contract with their publishing house” Four Music “. He dropped out of school to focus entirely on music. In 2015, his first album “Stop the Moment” was released, which remained in the top 100 in Germany for several weeks. His second album was released in a brand new 2022 album. May 6 and showed a wide range of soul singer traits with a mix of acoustic ballads and rhythmic dance hits.

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