“Sorry I’m a fox”

After German YouTuber Ahmad Nadim and ApoRed Ahadi were accused of being insolvent and robbing his audience, he now commented on the video.

what a situation

  • German YouTuber MiiMii said in one of his videos that Ahadi is insolvent because one of his procedures can be found at Bankruptcy Notices.de.
  • In addition, MiiMii accused him of robbing his viewers without generating various lottery prizes.
  • In addition, it is said that ApoRed did not send the sold designer clothes to the fans, but kept the money for themselves.
  • Ahadi now denies all these allegations in one of his latest videos.

Full details of the allegations can be found here:

Absolute chaos on German YouTuber ApoRed – bankruptcy and charges of fraud and robbery

ApoRed convinced: “I’m sorry I’m a fox”

What does YouTuber say in its statement? In the video “Probably the poor scammer”, he first explained that he had been self-employed in Germany for 10 years and said:

What’s really interesting, isn’t it? Bankruptcy case against ApoR-ED, what’s going on there? You told me you were a multimillionaire, or did you just talk to us all? (…) First you have to introduce yourself, I have been working independently in Germany for about 10 years, okay? And you know that, friends. This is very clear and indisputable: Germany and the bureaucracy are really his father’s headache.


He “realized” about this when he was in Istanbul for 5-6 months and cited as an example his private health insurance contribution of almost € 1,000. He feels completely deceived. According to ApoRed, you also have to keep changing tax advisors and accountants because they “just don’t work.” He only “had a headache” at first, and then thought:

Come on, don’t bother anymore, don’t bother anymore, it’s definitely enough. Just register the whole rabbit abroad. No headaches, everything is easy. You have a colleague who does that too. They don’t have a headache, everything tastes good.


You can see the full statement in this YouTube video:

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However, according to ApoRed, there is a problem:

If you have been in Germany for more than 6 months, you have German tax rights and a German headache. Whether you are registered in Malta, Afghanistan or elsewhere.


But he was able to solve it like this:

But how is that not the case? Yes, if you just turn on Insi mode, ie if you’re just insolvent. Then it is not. You can then register your business, even if you are abroad, let everything through it and just get rid of all those German headache stories.


ApoRed then said he was not meant to be disappointed and praised himself: “I’m sorry I’m a fox and if I’m smart and I’m just doing it.” this procedure.

What does ApoRed say about its costs and expenses?

There are no costs he could not manage. He did not understand the argument and said, “How much does it cost? where? On Instagram, you can see what kind of lifestyle I follow. ”So Ahadi just plays, watches anime, and doesn’t go to parties. Due to his lifestyle, he does not incur significant costs.

In addition, he “already played in one way or another through sneakers and clothes.” A YouTube user receives most of their gifts and often money, but rarely or never spends any money on it.

When ApoRed spends its money, it is only for charity or its family. He described:

I would spend the money saved by relaxing with ApoR-ED. For those who are interested in how I would spend it: for me, as I said, little. I then allocate a larger share to people in need, and the share also goes to my general family, rather than 50% to Papa State. And part of it is simply set aside for real estate in Turkey or anywhere else – completely …

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