Star Cottage 2022: Who’s Out? SPOILER! This couple is volunteering in Episode 6

Even before the start of the current season of “Star Bungalow”, many fans knew that the couple’s show could crack like never before. And of course, not only scraps fly, but also pairs… What comes out? And what else is there? In episode 6, the scandalous couple breaks up – and voluntary departure.

  • “Star Summer Home” started a new round on Wednesday, September 7.
  • Episode 6 of the popular RTL show will be televised on September 25 and will be available in advance via the RTL+ streaming service.
  • Who can save another round and who is eliminated? That solution is in episode 6.

SPOILER! XXL Zoff, separation and voluntary retirement in episode 6

In the sixth episode of Das Sommerhaus der Stars, available from September 21. RTL+ yes, all signs point to a love crisis!

Not only at Katharina Hambuechen (27) is itself shocked by the preceding argument Eric Sinderman (34) still deep, but also with his roommates. football legend Mario Basler (53) informs the analyst:

The most important thing: no matter what he tells you today, he will not change. He is a notorious liar. […] What he did to you yesterday was inhuman. And now you have to find a solution yourself, how best to get out of the story.

Mario Basler

Eventually, Katha and Eric accepted the consequences and ended their relationship against running cameras. Then they moved out of the bungalow. “It’s a couple format and we’re not a couple anymore,” Katharina summed up tearfully.

But also with a pair of Bauer sucht Frau Antonia Hemer (22) and Patrick Romer (26) meanwhile, everything is just the sun. The young farmer lacks the “necessary bite” with his partner to really rise to the challenges – and he communicates this time and time again in a loud and extremely reproachful tone. “I won’t get anything from you,” he accuses Antonia again and again, which also greatly offends the peers of the bungalow. Nevertheless, the dome show couple finally manage to save themselves in one of the games. Mario and his partner are shortlisted Doris Büld (46), Sascha (37) and Yvonne Molders (42) and Cosimo Citolo (41) and Nathalie Gauss (31). In the end, Sascha and Ivonne got the most votes and have to leave the bungalow.

You are still in 2022. “Star Summer Home” status after episode 6

You leave after 6 episodes of “Star Bungalow”.

One pair out, one in! This happened in episode 5

The fifth series of Das Sommerhaus der Stars began with an exit challenge in which soap opera clerk Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina had to compete against Kader Loth and Ismet Atli. The pairs had to complete two runs of the course. Stephen and Katharina Dürr were far ahead, beating Kader Loth and Ismet Atli, who had to leave the celebrity apartment immediately.

But then a surprise: By Marco Cerullo (33) and partner Christina Grass (33 years old), who met and fell in love with “Bachelor in Paradise”, moved and settled in a villa.

In the second team challenge, the pair of influencers immediately had to compete against other participants. Nine candidates have secured nomination protection. Other couples didn’t make it in the allotted time and have to fear being kicked out again.

You are still participating in Star Bungalow 2022. – status after episode 5

You are leaving after 5 episodes of Star Bungalow.

This happened in the 4th episode of Star Summer Home

In episode 4 of “Star Bungalow”, the game first takes place in the “diagonal position”. Pairs must place several objects standing on the swing without tipping over. Original football Sascha Molders (37) and Yvonne Molders (42) may be the only pair to win the match. The second game involves a sack race across a course, and at the end the celebrities have to search for a golden horseshoe in the dirt. This game can turn Reality star Eric Sinderman (33) and Katharina Hambuechen (27) to win. This allows them to “identify” a pair that was previously “safe”. The two choose Sascha and Ivonne Mölders.

Eric and Katharina are not only on board with this decision, it seems that they are on good terms again. Deep kisses and hugs should emphasize this. Some…

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