Star House: Candidates 2022

Star House 2022: Who are the candidates? We present all couples competing as participants.

New edition of the celebrity apartment promotion: RTL will also open the door to “2022Star Cottage“No one really knows why he’s in Bochol. But please don’t be horrified by Bocholt, we probably can’t imagine when the charm will be back. Eight new celebrity couples are facing the challenges of Season 7. Who are the candidates? Who wants to become a ‘Celebrity Couple 2022 “And win a prize of 50,000 euros? We will introduce you to the participants.

Candidates for the Star House 2022: Couples

Former Candidate Jungle Camp Kaderis Lotas (49) and Ismetas Atli (51)

Cadet Loth in reality television layers is nothing but a blank sheet. She even considers herself the “Queen” of the genre, she says RTL: “Everyone was there, time for the queen to be there.” All right then. Of course, the Queen doesn’t move into an celebrity apartment unaccompanied, so her longtime lover (intermittent) Ismet Atli can come along.

Former football professional Mario Basleris (53) and Doris Büld (52)

Kicker legend Basler brings his partner Doris Büld with him. The two already have a common TV experience – they danced together on the show “Stepping Out”. However, it was in 2015, so the statute of limitations was almost expired. At home, they say they sleep alone because Super Mario snores. However, the number of single rooms in the “summer house” is small, the broadcaster announces. A person can be curious.


The farmer is looking for a wife“- a couple of dreams Patrick Romer (26) and Antonija Hemer (22)

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Patrick and Anthony get to know each other from the agricultural dome show Bauer sucht Frau. participated among the participants. Since then, they have apparently been inseparable. In the relatively small space of the eight-couple holiday home, the fact that they have already participated in a somewhat similar #CoupleChallenge event should help them.

Cosimo Citiolo (41) and DSDS cult candidate Nathalie Gaus (31)

Together with her partner Nathalie Checker vom Neckar, Citiolo is fighting for the title of DAS Celebrity Couple 2022. Not necessarily wanting to testify to his rhyming art at the highest literary level, but that’s not about the Nobel Prize either. It’s going to be fun, because Cosimo has already made a fuss about the crazy penis secrets of the “Battle of the Stars of Reality.”

FormerPromi Big Brother‘- Candidate Erik Sinderman (33) and Katharina Hambuechen (27)

Eric Sindermann can’t really hold a candle to Mozart’s Don Giovanni because he had it “only in Spain” with 1,003 ladies (only 231 in Germany, for some reason). Absolute respect for the grandson of the former president of the People’s House of the GDR, who claims to be in bed with “500 women”. In which countries it is unknown. But now Eric only looks at Katharin, he claims RTL. Ms. Hambuechen is clearly not related to Turner, who also writes otherwise.

YouTube user Marcel Dahne (28) and Lisa Wienberger (24)

Marcel and Lisa Who? He even admits that the names won’t say much right away RTL prints something. However, both Austrians are “very busy and successful” online. How? By which? The station remains somewhat unclear. After all, they have already noticed the #CoupleChallenge.

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football player Sascha Molders (37) and Ivonne Molders (42)

Another kicker and finally without the reality of the past! Sascha and Ivonne Mölders’ Star Summer House is actually the first TV show. But the big fuss has to seem familiar to them because they have four children. Ivonne is as crazy about football as her husband, who in the 1860s. He became famous in Munich as Die Wampe von Giesing and previously played for FC Augsburg and others.

Former AWZ star Steponas Durras (47) and Kotryna Durr (39)

Who was Till Weigel’s first Unter uns in two years? What was “In All Friendship” after that? And then another three years with “Everything that matters?” In Bingo, you really know your way into the world of soap operas and their actors. After her marriage to Katharina, Stephen Dürr left the series in 2009 to have “more time for personal life.” He has used them and has been the proud father of twins Lilly-Marleen and Amelie-Sophie since 2010. Mom is the head of a relatively new fashion brand.