The best candidate for the Greens in 2022 In the NRW elections

The elections in North Rhine-Westphalia were extremely successful for the Greens, thanks to their best candidate, Monos Neubaur. But who is the woman who has managed to triple the result of the Greens since the last state election?

Even if CDU the best NRW elections in 2022 election result: The Greens are also the winners – and their main candidate: Mona Neubaur.

Portrait of Mona Neubaur: from the province of Bavaria to the metropolis of North Rhine-Westphalia

You can still hear a little bit of the interview: Mona Neubaur is in Bavaria Pöttmes He was born and raised. But it soon became clear to the rural child: I would rather live in the city. Then the decision fell to Dusseldorf 24 years ago. Since then, the city has been more than just my home: “My adopted home in North Rhine-Westphalia is first and foremost a diversity – a diversity of regions, origins, football clubs, breweries and customs. Tolerance and acceptance of others is our DNA,” he said. Personally, it is firmly rooted here.

Here, after graduating as a teacher, she initially worked in the field of energy. Later, in the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which she ran for four years.

She joined the Greens in 1999 and has been active in the party since 2005. She has been since 2014. leads the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, and in 2022 In North Rhine-Westphalia, she managed to prevent any party from overtaking her in the exploratory talks. The Greens will be part of the government, that’s almost certain. She reached 18.4 percent with her party.

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Politician Mona Neubaur privately: family, children, hobbies

Neubaur is a member not only of the Greens but also of the Dusseldorf Fortune. She is a real football fan and prefers to watch live matches of her favorite club F95 in the stadium. She owes her love for football to her grandfather, who on Sunday drew her to a district league match in the Bavarian provinces and was passionate about the match there.

Video: AFP

As for the passion: they also have Dusseldorf mustard. She lacks only one thing from Bavaria, as she once revealed in an interview: “But one thing is missing here: individual semi-finished products!”. The fact that she almost always wears black has nothing to do with her nature: she is described as an optimist. Neubaur is single and has no children.

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