The Big Roundup: What you need to know about Italy’s elections

What is Meloni? What is Berlusconi doing?

What you need to know about voting in Italy

Italy is about to slide to the right. Analysts believe the right-wing bloc around the Fratelli d’Italia party has a clear advantage ahead of Sunday’s election. Blick explains the most important questions.


A legal alliance that is certain of victory: Lega boss Matteo Salvini, Forza Italia president Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni of Fratelli d’Italia (from left).

Italy will elect a new parliament this Sunday. With the end of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s (75-year-old) government, which currently serves only as an executive, the right-wing parties are set for victory. The new prime minister could Giorgia Meloni (45) from the nationalist Fratelli d’Italia party. will Overview:

This is how it is selected

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