The DFB list of Bierhoff’s successor is long, few want it – favorite cancellations

Very few are interested: Bierhoff’s DFB successor is on the long list – favorites are being cancelled

A number of famous names are being marketed as successors to Oliver Bierhoff at the DFB. The association is looking for a new national team manager. But which potential candidate is really a good fit? And who has the time and desire anyway? The favorite has already been cancelled. FOCUS online check.

Oliver Bierhoff is gone – the first big bang came late Monday night ahead of the crisis summit DFB. After the World Cup embarrassment, the 54-year-old left the association after 18 years, with both parties agreeing to terminate the contract, which ran until 2024. “Over the course of 18 years, Oliver Bierhoff has done a lot for German football,” explained Watzke, who is also DFB vice-president and Borussia CEO. Dortmund, at the request of dpa. “For this he deserves respect, recognition and thanks!”

The DFB committees will now discuss possible successors. There are tons of names floating around, but few seem to have the time and inclination. Successor check.

Top candidate Sammer cancels DFB as Bierhoff’s successor

Matthew Summer: The perfect successor at first sight! The 55-year-old man has proven his skills as a driver more than once. Just his commitment FC Bayern remains unforgotten. Within a year, Sammer and coach Jupp Heynckes had emerged from the rubble of second-place finishes to become the first treble winners.

A 180-degree turnaround that DFB desperately needs. The home EM will take place in 18 months. However, such a solution does not seem realistic. Advisor to the Board at BVB MagentaTV recently clarified that aid to the DFB was never ruled out, “but certain positions were”. As reported by ARD Sportschau, Sammer is the favorite of the association and is therefore even ready to return. He was previously (2006-2012) sporting director of the DFB. Conclusion: If Summer can be convinced, he will be the new heir!

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Updated December 6, 4:34 p.m.: Matthias Sammer will not replace Oliver Bierhoff at the DFB just yet. According to the SID, the 55-year-old man cannot hold a managerial position. This is also reported by “kicker”, but in 1996 The European champion is raised as a possible adviser to the troubled association. According to a Sportschau report, Sammer could have imagined it.

Lothar Matthäus: The country’s record player already offered Sammer as DFB sporting director in July. Matthäus explained that he believes he is capable of reforming the DFB. However, he did not enter the game at that time. Summer did it a little later.

The 61-year-old reacted quickly. He was “too far away from the DFB” and had “absolutely no time” due to other commitments. More recently, Matthäus also turned down an advisor role in Sky: “In recent years, I’ve always said no when asked. That’s why it’s still a no for me.” As an ambassador, he is closely involved with the global association. FIFA connected. Conclusion: Absolutely not!

Fredi Bobic is probably one of the DFB candidates

Freddy Bobic: According to Kicker, this is a high position on the DFB list. Bobic introduced to Eintracht Frankfurt the course of the club’s most successful era. Then in 2021 he left for his home club Hertha as CEO. But there was no success.

From the outside, Hertha and DFB don’t look that different. In both cases, offstage issues often dictate what happens. Bobic also managed to get into it Berlin so far little has changed. As a result, he has not yet passed the certificate of “crisis manager” in the capital.

What is there and what is missing?

By the way: Bobic himself called on the DFB to make quick decisions before removing Bierhoff. “It has to be clear what’s going on before Christmas,” the 51-year-old told MagentaTV, “After that it’s going to take too long.” Is anyone positioning themselves? Conclusion: possible, but Hertha will have to play together. According to Bild, his contract runs until 2024.

Thomas Hitzlsperger: According to Sport 1, Hitzlsperger is also a candidate. The job description appears to be tailored. The popular figure knows his way around all levels thanks to his two-and-a-half-year commitment to VfB. When in 2022 left VfB Stuttgart as CEO at the beginning of the year, he told the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten: “I imagine that I won’t be working for another club until the end of the year…

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