The new Benno-Bauer cycle path in Oberderdingen offers plenty of entertainment for children

The route through five municipalities

The Benno-Bauer cycle path opens in Oberderdingen on Sunday. There is a lot of fun for the kids along the way. But who is Benno Bauer?

Julia and Dennis Petrova from Flehingen ride on the newly designed Benno-Bauer bike path with their sons Alexander and Arthur.

Photo: Tomas Rebelis

Who is that Benno Bauer? A clever farmer with a red bike has become quite rare due to the fact that the entire tourist bike path was named after him on Sunday and was visited by dozens of cyclists immediately after it opened.

In any case, he never showed up in person. However, this does not diminish its popularity. From now on, his name will be boasted by numerous signs and boards on the 24-kilometer circular route that leads from Oberderdingen via Kürnbach, Sulzfeld, Zaisenhausen and Flehingen back to the starting point. You can join the course in each of these communities. The flyer gives a good overview.

It leads through beautiful cycle paths through meadow gardens and fields through almost all the sights that the four Kraichgau villages have to offer. The inventors have a strong view of the growing cycling tourism sector in rural areas, which wants to expand with an attractive offer. The ring tour combines information about the local cultural landscape with insights into working conditions and local agricultural offerings. There is also information on where to stop for a refreshment.

Games for kids on Benno-Bauer-Radweg

Beba-Radweg’s special target group is young families with children. It is easy to see that there are always two information boards in the individual stations: one for adults with information about meadows or viticulture, and for children – always in plain language and at the eye level of children. There are also suggestions for climbing, swinging, trying and playing – lots of things that are fun for kids and serve as an attraction.

Julia and Denis Petrova from Flehingen will take a closer look this Sunday. “It’s fun when there are sightseeing routes where you can find attractions for children, and then the boys want to do it,” says the mother, who follows her two offspring Alexander and Arthur with an e-bike from Flehingen this week. Oberderdingen brings. We meet the family again in Kürnbach. However, it is attracted by the glacier in the historic center.

Burger, bratwurst and wind orchestra music at the opening in the Kraichgau communities

Four municipalities have prepared a colorful program for the opening of the bicycle path, which is being organized by the heads of municipalities together with the members of the Seimas. Each city has a popular meeting point with wind orchestra music, bratwurst, burgers or dumplings. In addition, two cycling tours and a city tour.

“A great feature of the route is that it can be used on small stages with children,” says Altan Cicek of the Tour Concept Cooperative in Schonach, who helped create the concept.

At the end, Sarina Pfünder, the mayor of Sulzfeld, raises the veil from her common name. As a result, Benno Bauer is said to be the great brother of Benno Bauer of Brakenheim, her former workplace, who was invented there as a mascot for a hiking trail.

And since you could have saved € 3,000 on a marketing strategy by choosing a name, you simply borrowed a fictional character for a local bike path. Of course, with the consent of Brackenheimer.

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