The start of season 3 of the shocking Who Killed Sarah: Didn’t Sarah die?

A short summary of “Who Killed Sarah.”

The first two seasons of the Mexican thriller series took their breath away. At the start of the first series, the viewer sees 16-year-old Sarah Guzmán (Ximena Lamadrid) flying over a bathing lake with a parachute attached to a motorboat. However, her seat belt was damaged and Sarah fell and died. Her brother Álex Guzman (Manolo Cardona), 18, found himself innocent behind bars as he fell into the intrigue of the criminal’s father, Césario Lazcano. When Aleksi is released, he begins to look for the real killer of his sister. It soon becomes clear that Lazcano’s wealthy family is involved and Áleks needs to figure out who the friend is and who the enemy is.




The 2nd season of the Netflix series ended strangely

The end of the second season had it all. Marifer (Litzy Domínguez) confesses to cutting Sarah’s parachute strap with a knife. As a result, a family friend for many years is believed to be responsible for Sarah’s death. When she learns that there are sisters with Sarah, she wants to commit suicide in a burning house. We will find out if she is lucky in season 3.

In the last 2 seconds of the season, Nicandro (Matias Novoa) interacts with Sarah’s doctor dr. Alaniz thanks him for not telling Álex who actually killed Sarah. According to Nicandro, it was himself and dr. Alaniz. Nicandro pulls out an old patient file from Sarah that shows it was tried before.

Here’s what to expect in Season 3 of “Who Killed Sarah.”

We know from last season’s announcement that Sarah still has to be alive. The creators of the series, in particular screenwriter José Ignacio Valenzuela and director Bernardo de la Rosa David Ruiz, are turning things upside down again. Sarah was probably kidnapped and locked up. At the age of 16, she was said to have been the perfect guinea pig for the Medusa project, which treated schizophrenic adolescents. When her brother Álex opens her sister’s grave, he sees that it is empty. Fans of the thriller series can get ready for the last thrilling quest, as Álex will do whatever it takes to meet her long-unseen sister again. Netflix will premiere the last season of “Who Killed Sarah” on May 18 and will feature seven series.

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