These are guests in 2022. December 14

Speaks three nights a week Marcus Lanz on current events and social issues in his show “Markus Lanzas”. We will tell you which guests will appear on the show tonight.

Since 2008 Markus Lanz, the talk show named after Markus Lanz, is an important part of the ZDF programme. Discuss every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Marcus Lanz and her guests, usually in a 75-minute format, on current and public issues. People with an interesting life story are always invited. However, since 2020, when the coronavirus crisis began, most attention has shifted to political speeches. Here you can find out who will be visiting tonight.

Markus Lanz Today: Who will be on the show on December 14 at 10.30pm?

Wolfgang Schäuble, politician

On the occasion of his 50th anniversary as a member of the Bundestag (CDU), he comments on the most important global and domestic political issues of our time and Germany’s role on a global scale.

Markus Lanz 2022
Markus Lanz usually invites four guests and talks to them about politically relevant, socio-politically relevant and touching topics.

Where is Markus Lanza on TV?

ZDF regularly broadcasts a new edition of Markus Lanz every Tuesday to Thursday. The broadcast starts from 22:45 to 12:00, depending on the schedule of the program. It works on free-to-air TV but can also be used as a Directly inside ZDF Mediathek to be looked at. The program there can also be watched with a time delay, so it is not necessary to turn on punctually at the beginning of the program. You can also watch old episodes in the ZDF media library up to a month after their broadcast.

What other political talk shows are there?

In addition to Markus Lanz, there are other political talk shows that are broadcast one or more times a week on ZDF or the first. When exactly the shows will take place, what guests will be next and what topics will be discussed, we will tell you here:

From 3347 euros net per month, one is considered rich

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