Treuchtlingen Folk Festival: Debate on winning the tug-of-war – Treuchtlingen, Treuchtlingen

– “Volksfest” Monday has become a tradition for a long time: team tug-of-war. Eight men’s and four women’s teams competed this time. Then, surprisingly, the victory was the subject of debate.

Who is the strongest team in Treuchtlingen? This was decided during the tug-of-war on Monday at the folk festival in front of the tent. Among the various teams from the surrounding area, the Treuchtlinger City Council team also proved their strength on the rope.

The audience cheered loudly

A long “pull” from the crowd and a team warm-up echoed across the field as the twelve teams found themselves on the ropes. In a traditional tug-of-war event, the strongest women and men stood on the rope and fought for tasty prizes. After three consecutive wins or five total wins, the respective team was awarded the cup.

First place was awarded 30 liters of beer and ten healthy chickens. The second place received 15 liters of beer and ten and a half chickens. Third place was awarded with ten meal vouchers worth five euros.

KG won the women’s event

The overall victory was won by the women’s team Karnevalsgesellschaft Treuchtlingen Prinzengarde. In the women’s final, they defeated the village club Dietfurt. The third place went to the Altmühlvital team, which was energetically cheered on by Ulrich Schumann, the manager of the thermal baths.

The first men’s semi-final was between the Rehlingen Volunteer Fire Team and Pappenheimer Maibaum. Including…

The truth is revealed! She is this

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