Turn off your brain in the new Saints Row and you’ll have your lifetime

Saints Row in der GamePro-Preview.

Saints Row in der GamePro-Preview.

New The turn of the saints when it was announced, it was not well received by all fans of the series. The restart was supposed to be complicated and not as cunning as its predecessors, but at the same time full of Saints Row DNA – an obvious contradiction. No dildo flingers, no choice as a newly appointed president to fight cancer or hunger in the world, no travel to the moon or hell.

Instead, this time it is about the beginning of the saints, a group of teenagers who care more about their style and TikTok account than about running a criminal organization. During a 45-minute presentation that included a question-and-answer session with the developers, GamePro was able to see if the new team could convince them to joke too coldly.

When the Saints are 15 minutes late with Starbucks coffee

Probably the most important question to be answered by the new Saints Row is whether a modern, stylish reload of the series can be justified. And it mostly depends on the characters. While we’re free to create our main character (simply called “Bosu” in the game) and choose our age and appearance, our three best friends and future holy lieutenants, Eli, Neenah, and Kevin, seem to impress us. trails on campus.

We remind you that the new Saints crew appears in the first announcement:

Saints Row - The first announcement shows a reboot of consoles and a personal computer


Saints Row – The first announcement shows a reboot of consoles and a personal computer

So young and already so criminal – you need to get used to it. There are, of course, many silly sayings to emphasize the image of young people. But while the characters annoy each other because Eli is not allowed to carry a gun because he has an accident, or Kevin is very eager to watch telenovels with us, one thing becomes clear in the first place: it’s about the story of four friends.

HE is the mole and wins the season

And that seems pretty sympathetic, at least for the missions shown so far, because our crew is not only in a hurry to help us in difficult situations, but we also do personal missions for them and with them. It goes without saying that the Saints are just beginning here. Instead of ruling a powerful criminal empire, we are losers here, so we need to move forward and prove ourselves.

All saints start small

Given the rejuvenated squad of characters, our problems at the beginning of the game are more reminiscent of a gang of students than gangsters. There are no saints yet. On the contrary, we live with friends in an apartment in the Santo Ileso desert and gambling town and have a hard time paying rent.

Since it’s still Saints Row, we’re not going to work at another diner, we’re just robbing a pawn shop together. While our buddies Eli and Kevin bring the stolen money to safety, we and our professional refugee driver Neenah jump into the car and distract the police with wild persecution.

This should not be the last time we have to run away from the police.  Chase is as much a part of the game as wild shootings.

This should not be the last time we have to run away from the police. Chase is as much a part of the game as wild shootings.

After leaving the police, we change cars at the scrap yard – at least the plan, if not the rival gang Los Panteros, that completely dismantled the vehicle. So first we have a shootout with them, which of course puts the police back in our footsteps. So the escape continues.

Who flies out? (8 series spoilers)

As soon as we do that and leave behind gangs and law enforcement, we will finally be able to start building our own criminal empire. To do this, we must not only take over nine districts in Santo Ileso, but also detain other gangs that we inevitably annoy.

Stupid and earthy at the same time

There should be a total of 25 main and 10 side missions (such as gang members) that we can perform throughout history. We want not only to increase the influence of the Saints, but also to take care of our crew.

As mentioned above, this is also about the characters and our relationship with them. This is also shown by the two missions that were also shown in our presentation along with the Lombard robbery: in one, our driver Neenah wants revenge after an enemy Los Panteroso gang destroyed her car. So let’s move on to …

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