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At the end of June, a new celebrity rating format, Viva la Diva, will be launched on RTL. We have all the information about TV dates, broadcasts on TV or streams, iterations and commands.

RTL show “Viva la Diva – Who is the Queen?” 2022 at the end of June as part of Diversity Week, which revolves around LGBTIQ +. The abbreviation refers to lesbian, gay (gay), bi-, trans-, inter-, and asexual and is a common term for people who are not heterosexual and cisly. Cislysis is all those whose gender identity corresponds to the sex that was biologically assigned to them after birth – that is, the majority of the population. Under the slogan “You can do whatever you want – just don’t get bored” seven Viva la Diva men will take on the role of drag queen.

When is Viva la Diva? television see? How does the transfer work? Which celebrities make up the Rate team? We answer these questions here, and we have all the information about the new show “Viva la Diva – Who is the Queen?”. her.

Viva la Diva broadcast date: when will the new celebrity rating show air on TV?

Diversity Week will take place in 2022. June 20-26 RTL occur. Viva la Diva will be shown at the beginning of the week, Monday, 2022. June 20 The broadcaster has not yet announced the exact time. It is also not yet known whether there will be several releases of the new release – only one release is currently released.

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Viva la Diva live on TV and broadcast: all information about the broadcast

Viva la Diva will be broadcast live on TV in 2022. June 20 RTL see. In addition to streaming on TV, you can also watch the show online as a live broadcast RTL + to strive for. However, the service is not free: To watch the live broadcast from RTL you need one RTL + Premium membership that costs € 4.99 per month.

Did you miss the program? A repetition of Viva la Diva

If you do not have time in 2022. On June 20, you can also watch a replay of Viva la Diva online. After the broadcast, the show is usually available for free for a week. After that, RTL + premium membership is required to reach Viva la Diva.

Viva la Diva: Team and performance

The six famous men are transformed into “drag queens” in sophisticated clothing, which later compete in a variety of disciplines, including a lip sync contest where drag queens sync their lips and dance to a popular hit. There are also scenes of how celebrities evolve and how they take on new roles. Viva la Diva has two different commissions: a jury evaluating drag queen performances and an evaluation committee to find out which famous men are hiding under makeup.

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The jury is made up of professional drag queens Bambi Mercury, Laila Licious, Catherine Leclery, Miss Ivanka T. and Pam Pengco, who judge their new colleagues by their performance as drag queens and across disciplines. Jorge González, Jana Ina Zarella, Olivia Jones and Tahnee are sitting at the norms panel. To find out which celebrities are hiding under makeup, the clues lie in the music, color choices, and costumes.

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Viva la Diva moderator: Tim Mälzer is the host

In fact, Tim Mälzer is best known for his various culinary shows, but this time he devotes himself to a new theme in Viva la Diva. “Drag queens and maltsters – few expected it,” he said in an interview before the show. RTL. The show should celebrate diversity, as he also said in one interview: “The message of the show is clear: Diversity – everyone has the right to shape their lives according to their own ideas. If we all take that into account, then many have been very helpful.” (THE)

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