Twitch Is On Fire – A Secret Internal 5-Hour Call From The 4 Biggest Streamers Is Out And They’re Talking The Plain Language

Streaming platform Twitch went up in flames today around midnight German time. A five-hour Discord chat with 4 of the platform’s biggest streamers is circulating online: Streamers xQc and Trainwreck confront OTK members like Asmongold and Mizkif about the current sexual harassment scandal. Apparently, the call should never have been made public.

Who are participating broadcasters? We rank the streamers by viewing hours over the last year:

  • Streirer “xQc” is number 1 on Twitch, he gambles – a lot of comments and reactions. It is popular among young viewers. The former Overwatch pro has been a Twitch star since 2019. the end
  • Trainwreck is the 6th most watched hours and the second largest broadcaster in the English language – almost entirely gaming, gambling for millions of dollars.
  • Asmongold is ranked #10 on Twitch as he takes a long hiatus. It streams WoW and MMORPGs. in 2020 In October, he founded the One True King (OTK) group with fellow broadcasters.
  • Mizkif is number 31, but it is rising. At least he was until now. He is one of the founders of OTK.

Some of the people who have been foul-mouthed include HasanAbi (8th political broadcaster) and Pokimane (134th variety after a long hiatus).

Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?

Major streamers are pushing Twitch to ban gambling

How did it all begin? For months now, there has been a “gambling” controversy on Twitch. Some of Twitch’s biggest streamers, like xQc or Trainwreck, stream gambling games – other streamers like Asmongold or Mizkif criticize them for doing so.

Twitch said they were investigating but didn’t do anything.

For this reason, the casino in Monheim is a special place to work

That changed when a streamer appeared a few days ago Slicker lost a lot of money from spectators and friends in horse betting. Now, big streamers like Mizkif and Pokimane are demanding that Twitch finally do something about gambling or face a strike.

Then resigned Twitch quickly clamped down on gambling.

Here’s what Germany’s top 3 casino Twitch streamers have to say about the ban: “I turned to McDonalds”

Angry casino broadcaster seriously accused Mizkif: “You’re in a glass house, you pussy”

It was a real scandal: One of the most famous critics of gambling was Mizkif, a broadcaster of the group OTK, which also includes Asmongold.

But Twitch’s biggest gaming streamer, Trainwreck, wasn’t about to put up with it: it “retaliated” against Mizkif by making serious allegations of its own.

Now he was in the room:

  • Mizkif’s friend CrazySlick sexually harassed the broadcaster
  • Mizkif downplayed and covered up the incident
  • Broadcaster AdrianahLee then went public and confirmed the allegations against Mizkif and his then-girlfriend Maya (via dotesport)

As a result, not only Mizkif got into big trouble, but also his group OTK.

Streamer Asmongold had to interveneMizkif went on leave and said he would investigate the case.

This angry tweet from Trainwreck set Mizkif’s life on fire.

5 hours of contentious talk between disputed broadcasters

It was now Call: Apparently, to get rid of the problems in the room, there was an internal discord call a few days ago.

This was known because xQc mentioned in his stream that this call existed and that it was “heated”:

  • was called
  • “hard things” were said.
  • this was not a PR call, but a real argument. Exact information was not known (via youtube)
What is right for me?

It was probably to get rid of the “bad blood” and see how to get rid of it. xQc said: This was such a tough topic that you don’t want to say anything bad.

So, gambling broadcasters xQc and Trainwreck took part in a 5-hour chat with OTK members like Asmongold and Mizkif.

This call was actually secret. But last night von Destiny streamer banned from Twitch. showed the call live and responded to it.

At the center of the controversy: Mizkif.

A Feast For Drama Lovers – 5 Hours Streamer Uncut

Why is Twitch on fire now? A lot of dirty laundry is washed in the call. Streamers speak without the usual filter they project outwards to comply with Twitch and society’s rules…

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