Victoria Swarovski: Difficult response to Joachim Llambi’s pregnancy request

Victoria Swarovski
Counterattack against Joachim Llambi: “And who is pregnant with us now?”

Joachim Llambis and Victoria Swarovski at "Let's jump"

Joachim Lambis and Victoria Swarovski on the show “Let’s Dance”

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An arrogant statement by Joachim Llambi: When a member of the dance commission “Let’s Dance” was asked if Victoria Swarovski was pregnant, Internet viewers were shocked by the obvious tact. But what does the host say about the situation?

This is not the first time Victoria Swarovski, 28, in the show “Let’s Dance” talks about pregnancy. The Austrian presenter does not know otherwise, but takes these guesses calmly. But that’s from all things Joachim Lambis57, inciting rumors and using them for entertainment in Victoria may be too far away. GALA asked about her Lascana fashion show.

Let’s dance in the semi-finals of Joachim Llambis

In fact, this interview should be about Victoria’s summer body and her trendy beach trends, as the 28-year-old recently became an ambassador for the Lascana fashion brand, but later the conversation breaks down. We need to talk about Joachim Llambi! In the last series of “Let’s Dance”, he made a big bang again. When Victoria and the dance judge after the show René Casselly25 and Kotryna MenzingerAt 33, discussing the subject of moving figures, Llambi looks a little gloomy and raises one point with a spatula to his colleague. Victoria replies, “With a spatula again. Can I get dozens?”

When a small dispute is long over, Llambi immediately comes up with a saying that is not entirely a sign of courtesy. The viewer brings a plate of snacks from the studio audience. “That’s all it is,” he jokes Daniel Hartwich43. Llambi then asks his colleagues Motsi Mabuse, 41, suddenly: “Is she pregnant?” Victoria doesn’t react for this reason, as GALA reveals: “Funny, I heard about it for the first time today. I haven’t even noticed it right now. I have to ask him next Friday, ‘And what’s getting pregnant with both of us now?’ (laughs)

But Victoria is still completely relaxed here: “Oh, I don’t blame Joachim at all. I’ve known him for so long. He’s just a nice guy who likes to get a little annoyed and see how far he can go. It’s a show, so don’t forget that.”

Victoria Swarovski

Victoria Swarovski wants to be a working mother

It is possible that Joachim Llambis said this statement recently A report about Victoria Swarovski and her desire to have children allowed. “My husband loves children and I would also love to have children soon. I really don’t want to miss a moment and I’m looking forward to starting my own family,” Victoria told Bild.

When GALA approached her on the matter and asked how she wanted to combine work and planned offspring, this response also made it clear: Victoria wanted to be perceived as a strong woman and would not allow Joachim Llambi or any other man to help her lead. nose around. “I think I’ll definitely be a working mom. I can’t sit still. If I stop doing what I do, I’ll definitely do something else. I’ll never stop working completely. I always say it’s important for all women not to become dependent on men. You never know what “But I think it’s generally important to maintain your standard, even if you’re alone,” concludes Dance.


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