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A third aid package is on the way, according to Chancellor Olaf Scholz. But are those who suffer the most from the costs really benefiting? Plans in short.

Berlin/Bremen – two aid packages initiative of the federal government since the start of the Ukrainian war in 2022. – about 30 billion euros. Given the current price changes, they are also urgently needed. Inflation remains at a record high. Currently, it is 7.5 percent. Therefore, people in Germany should stay away from ever-increasing costs relief – especially because winter with very high energy prices standing in front of the door.

Third aid package: Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announces aid for gas crisis – “immediately”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) recently announced that the federal government is negotiating a new package of measures in confidence. Then the new one the third aid package should be submitted “immediately”, a government spokesman said. However, there was still much disagreement among the coalition partners about exactly what this package should look like. There are also stark differences between the opposition and academics on how best to help citizens and, most importantly, who should be helped at all. kreiszeitung.de reports.

Everyday life is getting more and more expensive – rising prices are becoming a burden for many. (Iconic image) © Gottfried Czepluch/IMAGO

What income threshold should apply to the third aid package? Does that make sense?

But what standards does the traffic light government set for the income cap when it comes to the third round of benefits in 2022? And how useful is this approach, only certain income groups with a exempt from the third aid package as soon as it arrives?

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The only thing that is already clear: households with high six-figure annual income During the current price crisis, one does not want to be too humble on the part of the state – even the FDP and its chairman Christian Lindner. This group is also useless Inflation Compensation Act and it won’t be before cold progression to preserve According to this German Institute of Economics (IW) Although it represents only 0.25 percent of households — about 110,000 — they receive 13.5 percent of income tax revenue.

Relief for low and medium incomes, preferably directly, as with a fixed energy tariff

The chancellor spoke about the desire to exempt those who earn 2,800, 3,200 or 4,000 euros gross per month, i.e. Although the partner of the green coalition would like to draw the circle a little wider: “It is clear that people with low and medium incomes should be relieved when looking at winter,” says Andreas Audretsch, deputy chairman of the group. Preferably through other direct payments, e.g Energy prices are the same rates without tax relief. Robert Habeck also wants to focus on supporting low-income individuals. A “social compensation” must be created for high costs.

New aid package in Germany: The Union wants the “broad middle of society” to benefit

In the Union, the income threshold for further relief is slightly higher. According to Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU), the measures should reach “a broad middle of society”. So all income below the top tax rate corresponds to a taxable annual income of around €60,000. Julia Klöckner, the Union’s representative for economic policy, also believes that small and medium-sized businesses, such as “small bakeries”, should be considered.

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Ulrich Schneider, CEO of the United General Association, sees things quite differently. He’d rather be divorced. “It is fatal when it is said that we are all suffering from rising prices and we are all getting poorer. That’s not true,” he says Welt. The upper half of the income brackets should not be exempt. It was unpleasant for her, but: “They’re not so affected right now that they don’t know how to last a month.”

Aid package 3: who should receive it and what can be implemented?

As for thinking, of course it’s good to see the big picture and want to work to get as many people as possible out of the third…

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