What comes out after the 7 series?

At the “Good Mood Club”, these are lost at the latest during the selection process. Who else has come in and who has already left?

“Rules are rules and we have to follow them!” Is a saying from Marco Terenzi’s jungle camp that also hits the nail on the head with this show. The seventh series of the new EndemolShine game release “Good Mood Club” six.1 will be shown on June 22nd. If you can’t wait, you’ll be able to watch the next series after it’s aired online stream Joyn PLUS +.

Watch the 7 Series now online, in stream

For these two, the first season of the Good Mood Club definitely ended in a good mood, as you can see in the video:

“Good Mood Club”: who will appear after the 7 series?

After Jenny Elvers did the same thing in the fifth series as her new boyfriend, Marc Terenzi, and had to move out of a villa in Thailand, Sebastian Fobe followed suit in the sixth week, and then the following candidates also took part:

  • Cora Schumacher
  • Julian FM Stoeckel
  • Martin Semmelrogė
  • Teresia Fischer
  • Vanessa Mariposa

In fact, Martin Semmelrogge managed to defeat Julian at the Women’s Strength Club. It may have been unexpected, but it came out that way.

Final: The Good Mood Club Series 8 is already live

However, nothing in the club is clear, so perhaps the above speculation. After the seventh series, only four people remained in the fight. Everyone is very proud to have gone so far. They can be, too. But now bad things await them, this is also called the finale. The trailer for Series 8 promises a lot of drama as the former residents return to the villa unexpectedly. Including the new couple Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers. It has to do with the Bitch dispute with Cora. Sebastian has his say on Girl Power and will eventually be the winner.

BMW M3 Touring vs. Audi RS4 Avant and AMG C 43 Estate

The game ends with at least one participant breaking out every week and no one can feel too safe. What is not until next 2022 Wednesday, June 29 (note the changed sending time)wants to wait until he finds out who he’s meeting in the penultimate series Watch the eighth Joyn Plus + series before it airs on TV. A subscription costs € 6.99 per month, but you can do it once Try it free for 30 days and view all content.

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