What did trade unions achieve for you during the crisis?

The world is in permanent crisis mode: the energy crisis, the climate crisis, the war in Europe, high inflation and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are worrying everyone. The trade unions are on the side of the workers. What achievements have we achieved? How does our engagement in a crisis benefit you specifically?

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Rising prices and skyrocketing gas and electricity prices are hitting people hard. Many relief measures announced or implemented by politicians would not have existed without pressure from the DGB and its member unions:

  • The DGB has already called for one summer gas price brake and a Electricity price brake. Both terrains should appear in 2023. at the beginning
  • All employees received an energy allowance of 300 euros in September.
  • Pensioners receive an energy allowance of 300 euros in December.
  • At the beginning of 2023, students and technical students will receive an energy allowance of 200 euros.
  • The 49-euro nationwide ticket will replace the 9-euro ticket. We campaigned for an onward ticket. In addition, we require Social ticket for public transportwhich should cost a maximum of 29 euros.
  • housing benefit: From January 2023, the average receipt of housing allowance will increase from the current 180 to 370 euros, thus more than doubling. In addition, more people should become eligible for housing benefit, two million households instead of the previous 600,000.
  • citizen’s money: Even as we campaigned for further improvements, the new Citizens Allowance replaces Hartz IV and means more money for millions of people from January. Anyone who loses their job will have significantly less fear of future social decline. Job centers should provide the same counseling to victims, and the pressure to accept any job will be somewhat reduced.
  • Unions have been campaigning for months for higher taxation of the so-called windfall profits of corporations. The EU has recently passed a decision on the excessive profits tax, which is also to be applied in Germany. Even if it is still too small, you can build on it.
  • The DGB strongly demanded a solution for those who, for example, work outside and do not have a workplace in the company, but cannot provide evidence of a clearly demarcated workspace, even in a cramped apartment. So far, they have not received anything, but from 2023 January 1 can claim an annual fixed rate of 1,260 euros in their tax return.
Who is responsible if the packages are damaged?

the fight for higher wages

A good, living wage is only available to workers through collective bargaining agreements. Our union members will do it in 2022 alone a lot of collective bargaining for better working conditions and more money in the wallets of around ten million workers. At times, through difficult negotiations with employers, we have achieved wage increases and inflationary bonuses that affect the table.

By the way, the wage-price spiral argument in the debate about the causes of high inflation and the fight against it is wrong. Current inflation is determined by other factors, history The wage-price spiral is a fairy tale.

We help create the future

The consequences of the war in Ukraine also pose new challenges for us. Our main goal is to keep jobs and secure good wages. That is why we, trade unions, from 2022 In July, we sit together with the employers at a meeting called by the federal government. coordinated actions. We’ve built many of the successes mentioned here and helped make them happen.

Concerted action:

So-called “concerted action” generally refers to the coordinated or joint behavior of different political actors towards a common goal. The concerted action proposed by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the summer of 2022 is a 1967 a concerted action chaired by then Minister of Economy Karlas Šilleris (SPD). At that time, representatives of business, trade unions, politics and science were brought together for the first time to agree on economic stabilization measures.

Trade unions laid the foundations for today’s prosperity

Many things that are taken for granted today were won by unions. Place “What have unions ever done for us?” shows the success of the trade union movement. They are still considered pillars of German prosperity:

  • Maternity protection

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