What is always possible, what is a taboo? Such rules apply to barbecue lovers in Karlsruhe

A number of Badenians have enjoyed the gratification of grilled food at one time or another this season. Whether meat, vegetarian or vegan; Whether it’s coal, gas or electricity – for many, barbecues are just part of the summer. But the question that arises when grilling is also rare. ”when “, but rather “va “ and “how”.

Rules for private grilling

Although public barbecues need to be agreed with the city administration, certain rules also apply to private barbecues. Starting with disturbing neighbors with smoke and noise. According to the catalog of fines, care must be taken, especially with coal and gas grills, to ensure that the neighborhood is not disturbed or even endangered by rising smoke.

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Smoke entering the neighbors’ living room and bedroom is subject to a fine of up to € 100. Noise pollution from crickets during quiet times on nights, Sundays and public holidays can cost up to € 5,000.

The reckless grilling behavior in the rental relationship is a ground for terminating the contract. If you want to gather on the grill in public places in Karlsruhe, you have to follow even more rules.

Karlsruhe public barbecue areas

In general, a fan-shaped city, as in most places in Germany, grilling is only allowed in designated areas and barbecue areas, the city administration has confirmed. They are in these places Karlsruhe and the surrounding area:

Barbecue areas with a cottage:

  • Oberwald am Oberwaldsee – Public transport: Bus Ottostraße
  • Wolfartsweier, Tiefentalstraße – Public Transportation: Bus Tiefentalstraße, Zündhütle
  • Barbecue “Lager”, east of Eggenstein

Barbecue areas without a hut:

  • Carlsbad Motorway Intersection (Palmbach and Stupferich) south of Park & ​​Ride
  • Rissnert, Rennwiese – Local Public Transportation: Tram Ettlinger Allee
  • Playground Friedrichstaler Allee – transition Friedrichstaler Allee / L 604 Waldstadt – Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

However, these barbecue places cannot be reserved, except for the Lager barbecue near Eggenstein. In this case, the location can be requested in advance by e-mail. by post (grillplatz @ egg- leo.de) must be reserved.

Wild grilling is illegal

According to the city, fires are not allowed in these barbecue areas and can sometimes be very expensive. The state of Baden-Württemberg, meanwhile, imposes a fine of at least € 50 on so-called “wild grilling”.

Especially in Karlsruhe From 2020 Barbecue is not allowed in the forest in March-October. Due to the risk of forest fires, this also applies to smoking, and driving in the forest is also prohibited.

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Infringements of this Regulation may be penalized as an administrative offense or even as a criminal offense. However, the exact amounts of money payable vary from case to case. However, the German fine catalog mentions fines of as much as EUR 55 000 for illegal open fires in the forest.

Briefly about the public barbecue areas in Karlsruhe:

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