What is Firefly in The Masked Singer? She retired as the winner of the Golden Mask trophy! (SPOILER)


Spoiler Warning: Firefly Revealed! Scroll down to find out what’s behind the mask!

As Season 7 of The Masked Singer began, Fox fans were ready to guess. This time, the mysterious participants were divided into three groups: Good, Evil, and Joyful.

There is no shortage of creativity in this season’s costumes either. Team Good’s stunning characters include Firefly, and viewers of The Masked Singer already have a number of theories as to what their true identity might be. Read on to find out more about their clues and find out what was revealed in the final on May 18th!

Quelle: FOXFirefly and The Masked Singer – The Clues

Firefly’s introduction to The Masked Singer was both epic and bright. Like most of the show’s hint packages / features, it has been filled with lots of amazing puns. “Another Super Good superstar is on fire and ready to shine,” he began.

In a disguised voice, Firefly said, “I’m sure you’ve heard talk about me, but can you guess who I am? There is no way I can disappear from this contest. Everyone else is shining. “

Until May 18. hints for the final Firefly were:

TiaraA program for a live comedy show at the Apollo Theater Photo by Tyler Perry Statue of Liberty

The “mega hint” was also in the form of a photo by Pharrello Williams, in which Firefly said, “Pharrell is one of the most important keys to my career.”

The last hint of Firefly came in a repeat of Season 7, which aired on May 11: A Skateboard.

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Quelle: Fox / YouTubeFirefly for The Masked Singer – The Guesses

Until May 18. in the finals, we best guessed Firefly is Teyana Taylor, because all the clues just came together. Teyana was born in Harlem, according to a reference to the Statue of Liberty. She also appeared on Showtime’s Apollo in Harlem. References to comedy – like the program and a photo of Tyler Perry – also make sense, as Teyana has appeared in many comedy films, such as Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.

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The hint tiara may have something to do with Teyana’s appearance in “My Super Cute 16” or her role in “Coming 2 America.” In her first pack of hints, Firefly used the word “Fade,” which could mean Teyana’s Fade2Fit training routine or that she danced in Kanye West’s music video for “Fade.”

Other guesses as to what may be included in Firefly:

Aisha Tyler (Jenny McCarthy’s guess) Monica (another Jenny’s guess) Alicia Keys (Ken Jeong’s guess) Gabrielle Union (another fan theory) So what’s in Firefly’s Masked Singer? The answer is … Teyana Taylor!

🗣 Download! NUSIIMK! 🗣 #TheMaskedSinger pic.twitter.com/Z224do3V5R

– Singer Mask (@MaskedSingerFOX) 2022 May 19

No matter, we’ll pat ourselves a little over it if we’ve said that from the beginning! Teyana Taylor may not have cheated on us this season, but she was really impressed with her powerful vocals and breathtaking performances. The girl came to kill – so much so that she left as the winner of the coveted Golden Mask trophy!


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