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Everyone who buys an electric car is awarded an environmental bonus by the state. What you need to know about the requirements, the amount of the premium and how to apply.

Electric cars should contribute to climate neutrality, which is why the German state wants to encourage their purchase. An environmental bonus was introduced for this. At the turn of the year, some regulations will change. An overview of what to consider:

Prerequisites for receiving the environmental bonus for e-cars

The environmental bonus previously applied to the purchase of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. However, plug-in hybrids will no longer be subsidized at the turn of the year. Used cars must have no more than 15,000 kilometers under their belt. Another requirement for the environmental bonus is the price of the vehicle. The premium is valid only for electric cars up to a retail price of 65,000 euros. Cars that cost more are no longer subsidized.

The size of the environmental bonus for electronic cars

The amount of the premium depends on how much the car costs and whether it is a pure electric car or a plug-in hybrid. Here, too, the situation will change from 2023. Hybrid models are no longer financed, e-cars up to €40,000 with €4,500 instead of €6,000 and electric cars up to €65,000 with €3,000 instead of €5,000. In addition, the premium only applies to private buyers, not to craftsmen and companies.

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Application for environmental bonus for electric cars

The dealer automatically pays the manufacturer’s share for new cars, recently used vehicles and leases. You don’t need to do anything for this. Used cars also require proof of the new retail price of the vehicle. You have to apply for a state subsidy yourself at the Federal Office for Economic and Export Control – very easily online. This is only possible after the vehicle has been registered and pre-delivery application is not allowed.

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Approval also applies to changes from 2023. So if you still want to buy an e-car under the current environmental bonus conditions, you should hurry. If the car is registered this year, the current conditions will still apply. However, with many manufacturers’ lead times taking months, many will struggle to get approval in time.

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