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E-bikes are very popular among cyclists. If you’re interested in such a bike based on an electric motor, you’d better take it for an extensive test ride – what does it matter?


If you want to buy a pedelec, you should definitely do an extensive test ride. Because these electric bikes, colloquially also known as e-bikes, can be tough because of the motorization. ADFC Radwelt (ed. 3/22) summarized what to look for during a test ride.

According to the club magazine of the General German Cycling Club (ADFC), among other things, it is important to find out: How does the engine support engage – gently and without delays? How does the engine behave – does it click when braking, stopping or taking a break?

A bicycle must meet the needs of everyday life

What is the driving behavior when going faster than 25 kilometers per hour, up to which the engine provides maximum pedal support? Because the transition must be smooth and not sudden. And how easy is it to ride a pedelec without a motor?

How many support levels are there and is it easy to change them? Is the engine assist heard all the way up to 25 revs? Is it enough for downhills? How is the gear ratio? Is the largest enough for a fast ride and the smallest light enough? And what is the weight of the vehicle – is it easy to move to where I want to park it?

With removable batteries, it’s important to be easy to handle, and with built-in batteries, it’s important to keep the lid from rattling. The screen should also be easy to read and menu navigation should be understandable. (dpa)

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