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Narrative Theater in Laufenburg, Germanenfest in Mambach, Street Food Market in Freiburg and Wincent Weiss in Villingen-Schwenningen. Here are our tips for the region.

Narrative theater about the discovery of America in Laufenburg

Columbus ship model "Santa Maria", is in the museum.  (Photo: Photo Alliance/Reporting Services, Kay Nietfeld)

Santa Maria model in pure gold, exhibited in 2008. In the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg.


On Saturday, theater fans in Laufenburg will be taken back to the beginning of the new era. “Columbus and the Butterflies” is the name of the work with which Ferruccio Cainero performed at the Rehman Museum in Laufenburg. It takes the viewer back to 1492, when Columbus discovered America. It will start on Saturday at 20:00. At the Rehman Museum in Laufenburg, Switzerland.

Freiburg Street Food Market

Several visitors stand in front of a food truck at a street food festival in Freiburg.  (Photo: FWTM/Francesco Sabatino)

FWTM / Francesco Sabatino

Brazilian, Thai, Indian or would you like Italian? The exhibition center in Freiburg takes place over the weekend Street food market instead of More than 40 food trucks open their doors and offer specialty dishes from around the world. There is something delicious for every taste. Food trucks will be at the Freiburg Exhibition Center on Saturday and Sunday.

German festival Zell im Wiesental

Gelage beim Germanenfest Mambache.  (Photo: Germane Mambach 1986 eV)

Germane Mambach 1986 eV

This weekend the Teutons are free again at Zell im Wiesental Mambache. Visitors are called that “German Festival” can cheer them on in a three-way fight with primal scream and sack punch. There is also a glass of mead, a parade and lots of entertainment.

Summer Sound Festival in Villingen-Schwenningen

German pop singer and songwriter Vincent Weiss on Friday night Sommersound Festivall Villingen-Schwenningen. Those who want to stay longer can listen to Fantastic Vier on Sunday evening at 20:00. Druckzentrum Südwest on stage.

Vincent Weiss at the awards ceremony "golden hen" with a prize in hand.  (Photo: Photo Alliance/Reporting Services, Hendrick Schmidt)

Vincent Weiss at the 2021 Golden Hen Awards in Leipzig. (archive image)

Hendrick Schmidt

Traditional Bach Festival in the Oberkirche

The Oberkirche Club invites you to the weekend Staff holding Wallachia to the traditional Bach festival. In an atmospheric atmosphere and in front of a beautiful half-timbered backdrop, guests can enjoy smoked brown trout and other culinary delights. Bands entertain young and old, and when night falls, a myriad of fairy lights cast a spell over the idyllic half-timbered building. It starts at 4pm on Saturday and 11am on Sunday.

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