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The € 9 ticket from the 2022 aid package is expected to be valid nationwide from June. However, it may also be available as early as May.

Berlin – as a part aid package for 2022 The € 9 bus and train ticket is designed to help German citizens in the middle of the Ukrainian war and, ideally, encourage many to switch to local public transport. This was agreed on Wednesday (April 27, 2022). Federal Cabinet on Multi-Billion Dollar Aid Package in 2022aimed at halting the rapid cost spiral in times of record inflation.

Book a € 9 ticket in advance: where and when the monthly ticket can be purchased in advance until 1 June.

Although the € 9 ticket promises low-cost local transport, the unions still see unresolved issues, especially as the € 9 monthly ticket is only valid from June, but in some places it is available from May. But where can you pre-book or buy a ticket for € 9, and when does the pre-sale of a low-cost ticket for € 9 a month start in advance?

And is there anything else interfering after the decision of the Berlin politicians and is it disappearing Criticism of the federal states’ € 9 ticket for funding unheard of?

€ 9 ticket: The Federal Cabinet decides on many of the 2022 tickets. aid package measures

“I hope the overcrowded trains will be cleaned up and the stations closed due to congestion,” EVG chairman Klaus Hommel told a trade union board meeting in Fulda on Wednesday about a € 9 ticket from 2022. assistance package. unprepared for the influx of customers ready for the summer months. According to Hommel, without this offer, buses and trains are already operating within their capacity on tourist-attractive routes. It is already clear that railway companies will need additional staff on trains and platforms in the coming summer months.

Events, birthdays, deaths - calendar page for Wednesday, 2022. November 9
So far, the purchase of a ticket costing 9 euros digitally is still planned. It should then be available in the DBNavigator app or in the apps of the regional transport associations. © DB / Arnulf Hettrich / imago / Montage

Although the union warns, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) sees plans Bus and train ticket 9 euros incentive for long-term use of buses and trains. This saves energy and goes well with time. The parties could benefit from the continued attraction of more consumers, he said on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. “We can benefit from it all by bringing people closer to a climate-friendly, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art vehicle. Fixed energy tariff for taxpayers.

When and for how long is a € 9 ticket from the 2022 aid package valid?

After 9 euros ticket from 2022 the aid package has now been approved by the Federal Cabinett, the project has yet to pass the Bundesrat. It is not yet possible to assess whether this will happen quietly. In addition, the project could not yet be approved by the railway companies. The next few days will show how the discounted monthly ticket will finally be delivered. far away when will the 9 euro ticket comebut one thing is almost clear: the planned period from 2022 onwards. June 1 until 31 August.

How much will the € 9 ticket from 2022 actually run? aid package was clear from the first draft: the federal government’s plan Olaf Scholz (SPD) stipulates that an individual ticket must always be valid until the end of the month. To take advantage of the entire period, you must purchase a total of three tickets for every € 9.

Plans for the aid package are still being prepared: the Bundestag and the Bundesrat will not take a decision on the bill until May. In addition to the € 9 ticket, the cabinet also paid close attention Energy fixed tariff 300 eura children bonusa Corona Award for Hartz IV Recipients and one Tank discount for diesel and gasolinewhich can be turned on June 1st at gas stations is causing dramatic scenes could, realized.

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€ 9 bus and train ticket: this applies to subscribers

Although a € 9 ticket is in principle available to every citizen Germany is available, subscribers from transport associations are currently interested in how they will benefit in 2022. aid package measure. The good news: subscribers should also receive a € 9 ticket bonus …

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