Who flies out? (6 series spoilers)

In the battle for the title of “Star of Reality 2022” 22 celebrities are once again facing exciting challenges between Paradise Beach and Star Island.


In the third season of the Battle of the Stars of Reality, 22 famous faces on TV and social media are once again negotiating the fame and recognition of their fellow campaigners, and have to prove their mastery and team spirit in the ongoing challenges. Who can be characterized by popularity and empathy, for whom ignorance of human nature is fatal? Who can dream of a cash prize of around € 50,000 and why is the journey over? From April 13. you can find out every Wednesday at 20.15 via RTL Zwei or already pre-stream only via RTL + (formerly TVNOW).

Battle of Reality Series 6: Bitter Tears and Nasty Punishments

Besides Tessa and Jan, Nina Kristin is crazy. But even as she struggles with tears of despair, the arrival of a longtime trustee worries her. Malquiel Rouven Dietrich for tears of joy. However, there is not too much time for warm welcome as well Jeliz Koc finds her way to the beach of her dreams, which in turn excites Elena.

The first game in which the stars have to interpret each other’s reality formats without using taboo words is fast-paced. Guessing 70 percent of the deadlines, they do quite well, but the penalty quickly follows: a song is played at the Hall of Fame until everyone gathers in a small house and dances. However, due to their good performance, they only receive this “pleasure” three times.

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The atmosphere of the party is especially depressing to Martin, who is now crying with bitter tears. The reason: slowly but surely he craves his suitcase and new underwear – both were taken away from the 5th series. He finds solace in Larissa and the twins, and Malciel even donates fresh boxer shorts. Out of gratitude, Martin is working to ensure that Malkiel is elected number 1 in the subsequent Starblitz rankings. However, he does not realize that he is being sentenced to another punishment in this way. But it soon becomes clear: as a result, Malciel must give up his precious broadcasting time; his head initially faded in Cathy Hummel’s face.

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Malkiel allows rags to fly

But that doesn’t stop Malkiel from causing a lot of drama. After Yasin tells him to vote for Nina Kristin, Malchiel doesn’t hide it and tells the girl about it. When she encounters Yasin, rags fly. On the other hand, all the other stars have reason to rejoice as the suitcases return. Newly dressed candidates can now start the safety game.

In the country quiz, geographic knowledge leaves a lot to be desired, but Elena, Ronald and Nina Kristin still win the tour and score seven points. Elena can also hold on to Stadt-Land-Fluss, although Ronald tries to sabotage her. In the third round, in which you have to guess the age of various celebrities, Yasino’s team wins, in which – otherwise – Elena.

Who has to take part in the 6 “Reality Star Battle” series?

With the victory in the security game, Elena can now enter the “moment of truth” with a clear conscience. On the other hand, the two reality stars have to tremble. First of all, how rookies Yeliz Koc and Malkiel Rouven Dietrich can control who has to leave the island. It was not discussed in advance because the two agree: Jakic-Gemini does not belong to this show.

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In a subsequent group decision, the choice is almost unanimous Nina Kristina. Only Ronald and Elena vote for Heinz, and Nina Kristin would rather see Yasin loading her suitcases. Nevertheless, she seems to accept her ending with joy and reveals that she is gradually “losing strength”. Nevertheless, both the twins and Nina Kristin stick to “More Ether.” So it’s probably not the last time we see them.

Who came out?

The fifth episode ended in a race between Jan and Heinz. Jan Leikas eventually lost. Even his brother’s friends, Jasin and Heinrich, could not forgive him for an offensive joke against the twin Jacques. As newbies had …

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