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The one-time payment of a fixed energy tariff is one of the traffic light measures from 2022. aid package. Who will receive the energy bonus and when will it be paid?

Frankfurt/Berlin – Traffic light government around Olaf Scholz offers to all employees The price of energy is fixed at 300 euros financial support. One-time payment from 2022 The aid package is primarily intended to cushion the explosion in energy costs caused by the war in Ukraine by paying an energy bonus.

However, pensioners, Hartz IV recipients or small workers also receive a lump sum payment energy at the same rate?

Flat energy tariff: When paying a flat energy tariff – do pensioners also get an energy supplement?

People working since September 1 have the right to the so-called Energy price fixed tariff (EPP) 300 euros. But who actually gets the energy bonus? and pensioners are also subject to the same energy rate? The Federal Ministry of Finance has published the requirements that must be met in order to receive a fixed energy price tariff.

Fixed energy tariff: workers have to pay less, pensioners – nothing at all. (Archive image) © Marijan Murat/dpa

Flat energy tariff: who gets 300 euros – who has the right to pay a fixed energy tariff?

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, every resident of Berlin is entitled to a one-time flat-rate payment of 300 euros for the price of energy. Deutschland have or usually live there, so they are subject to unlimited tax liability and in 2022 will receive income from any of the following sources:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • commercial enterprise
  • self-employment
  • salaried work
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There is no specific period or minimum duration required to pay a fixed energy rate, kreiszeitung.de reports.

Energy price fixed rate: which employees receive 300 euros?

According to the Ministry of Finance, the following employees will receive a one-time fixed payment of 300 euros for the price of energy:

  • Workers, workers, interns, civil servants, judges, soldiers
  • Minimum workers and all temporary agricultural and forestry workers
  • Employees in the passive semi-retirement phase
  • Anyone who saves value credit in the German Pension Insurance (DRV).
  • Anyone doing federal or youth voluntary service
  • Who receives subsidies from the employer (e.g. for maternity leave)
  • Those who only receive tax-free salaries (e.g. volunteer coaches)
  • Working students or students doing paid internships
  • Anyone who works in a sheltered workshop
  • Everyone in active employment receives wage replacement benefits, including short-time benefits, unemployment benefits, incapacity benefits, maternity benefits, paternity benefits, compensation for lost earnings under the Infection Control Act and transferable short-time work benefits.

Energy price fixed rate: what about pensioners?

pensioners are expressly excluded from the one-off payment of the fixed energy price if they do not receive any of the above income. However, even income from a photovoltaic system is considered business income. However, this only applies if the simplification rule has not been applied (BStBl. I p. 2202). And yet there are ways and means pensioners, to a fixed energy tariff apply

Energy flat rate: what about transfer payment recipients from the Hartz IV grant or 2022 child bonus?

Claims to equal energy, children’s bonus or Hartz-IV-Bonus are not mutually exclusive. Anyone who makes a one-off payment to transfer money recipients, e.g. Grant to Hartz IV or Children’s bonus in 2022 – receives, can turn off Hartz IV Prize from 2022 aid package also receive a fixed energy price tariff (EPP).

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What applies to small workers with regard to the fixed energy price tariff?

Minimum multi-job workers will only receive a flat-rate energy charge as part of their ‘first job’. The employee must indicate in the written declaration what it is. Without this approval, the employer cannot pay a lump sum payment to the EPP. Fraud attempts are also punished here.

Energy price fixed rate: to whom does the employer pay EPP?

Anyone who in 2022 September 1 is in a “primary employment relationship” and belongs to one of the tax categories I to V or is taxed at a flat rate as a small worker, will receive the flat rate tariff for energy prices from the employer. The rest is due in 2022 file a tax returnirrespective of Bonus for a child from the aid package in 2022 to die…

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