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Oftersheim. Behind the unknown lies a large question mark that freed a large monumental stone from the weeds dedicated to the consolidation of the Land of Oftersheim from 1981 to 2004, and also lovingly replanted the small open space Oberfeldweg a few weeks ago.

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“Now the monument can no longer go unnoticed, as a hard-working dude on the Oberfeldweg River, at the turn to the Neunmorgen-Weg dog club, has laid out a large and beautiful bed of flowers and plants that cannot be overlooked. it has been threshing, watering and watering for some time, ”said Yvonne Wierer of the Heimat- und Kulturkreis working group, Folklore and Customs, when he discovered the planted corner.

The search begins

In several photos, Wierer captured a lovingly landscaped area and asked the building administration and the gardeners’ community – no one knew who the unknown gardener was.

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“When things bloom like an iris, not only bees but also walkers can enjoy it,” he looks ahead and thanks the stranger: “It helps make Oftersheim a little friendlier.”

Asked by the newspaper, Tillmann Hettinger asked the Oftersheim Gardeners Association who the unknown gardener might be, but he also failed to find out the name. Jürgen Calmbach, vice-president of the dog sports club, on the other hand, made the most likely factual assumption, but without knowing the name. The owner or tenant of the garden on the corner of Oberfeldweg and Neunmorgenweg may be the one who maintains the property. The name remains unknown.

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If a devoted gardener or someone who knows him does not get in touch, only a devoted Oftersheimer and all passers-by who have seen him do a dedicated work of care will know about it. This newspaper is happy to receive information by e-mail. email to [email protected] Honor where credit belongs! mgw

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