Who is Emily Vontz, the youngest member of the Bundestag?

Heiko Maas resigns from the Bundestag. Emily Vontz takes his place. Who is the 22-year-old who will become the youngest member of the German Bundestag?

From January place to Bundestag vacant: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas (SPD) announced on Tuesday that he will step down at the end of the year. It is already clear who will replace the lawyer in January: it is 22-year-old Emily Vontz (SPD). In this age, she is the future the youngest member of the German Bundestag. She replaces 24-year-old Emilia Fester (Greens) as the youngest member.

Emily Vontz is from Losheim am See in the Saarland. She is in her fourth semester studying political science and French in Trier. “French-German relations are a subject close to my heart,” she said dpa. After graduating from high school, she lived in France for a year as a volunteer.

The new youngest member of the Bundestag: this is Emily Vontz

in 2022 in September, Emily Vontz was elected head of the Saarland Yusa state. In last year’s federal election, she ran for fourth place on the SPD’s state list. Emily Vontz has been a member of the SPD since the age of 17, and Jusos since the age of 16.

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Emilia Fester, the youngest member of the Bundestag to date, was enthusiastic about the “GenZ boost”, writing on Twitter: “I’m happy to pass the baton of the youngest parliamentarians and at 24 I won’t be the youngest. more”. The fact that Emily Vontz is now being followed by someone younger than Emily Fester has sparked both debate and enthusiasm on the platform.

The political agenda of Heik Maas’ successor: climate protection and jobs

Emily Vontz posted a photo of herself and Heiko Maas on Instagram. She wrote: “From the middle of January I will represent our district in the Bundestag, so I will be the youngest member of the German parliament. It will be noticed, but that is not the point. It is about taking responsibility – for the Saarland and for my generation.” She announced that the Bundestag is concerned with saving jobs and protecting the climate.

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Heiko Maas also commented on his retirement from politics on Instagram. After posting two pictures of him 30 years apart, he commented: “As a young social democrat, I had no idea what to expect in the coming decades. After 8 years as a federal minister, I have intensively researched what my professional and political activities are. may seem the future. I have always said that I will not retire from politics. Now is the time.”

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