Who is HC Strache’s blonde ‘second wife’?

All of Austria was baffled: why did HC Strache cheat on his beautiful wife Philippa with another blonde? What does this woman have that Philippa doesn’t? And who is she?

The blonde Viennese is much older than Philippa (more than 40 years), she was married to a top executive in Vienna for many years.

She herself is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion and lingerie industry and runs her own business.

During her marriage to the top leader, she met the then FPÖ chairman HC Strache in 2015 and had a “hot” affair with him. The two had hot sex several times a month.

One of these meetings produced a child who was born in 2016, just before Strache’s wedding to Philippa, and which the businessman knew was from Strache but did not admit to his husband. He considered himself the child’s father for six years.

Only a recent paternity test finally showed that the real father was not Vienna’s general manager, but HC Strache. Then the husband filed for divorce.

Strache’s “second wife” is now living alone again, has allegedly met HC several times in recent weeks and now allegedly wants alimony from him for six years of fathering.

Philippa was hit hard when Strache’s relationship became known: she had already met Strache in 2014, had regular contact with him in 2015, and even lived with him since 2015. – and now feels very betrayed.

At the request of the businesswoman, oe24 naturally respects her privacy, does not provide any details about her business or the profession of the prominent man, does not mention any surnames and, unlike other websites, does not publish any of her photos.

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