Who is his partner?

With whom the actor David Striesow, known to many as the former commissioner of Tatorto “Jens Stellbrink”, shares life and love.

Who is David Striesow’s wife?

The actor can look back on a turbulent love life. In the 1990s, he learned to be a fellow actor on the set of Polizeiruf 110. maria simon knows, with whom she lived in a wild marriage for several years and had their son Ludvikos Simon, who died in 2017. was first seen with his father in Tatort. After this relationship, David Striesow married his second partner, named Francine, who came from Cameroon. From this marriage, which was also not destined to last forever, three more children were born (born in 2006, 2010 and 2012. Meanwhile, the actor has been with his since 2018. manager Ines Ganzberger is married. He met an Austrian woman 15 years younger in 2015. while filming the movie “Possible Love”. She was an intern there at the time, just like her. Colorful reported The marriage took place quietly and secretly at the registry office in Kiel. The couple also raises a young son together. The actor doesn’t give his fans many private insights into his life, but he does leave one Instagram account look at his attractive wife. The family lives together in Ukermark.

Who is David Striesov?

The actor was born in 1973. October 1 Bergen auf Rügen. After graduating as a goldsmith, the son of an electrician and a children’s nurse returned to school, where he obtained his Abitur, and later studied jazz guitar and acting in Berlin. A famous actor Lars Eidinger completed his studies together with David Striesow in 1999. After many theater events, Striesow made her first television appearance in the hospital series Stefanie for All Occasions 1 Saturday of the same year, and in 2000 made his debut in the feature film America. Mim gained greater fame with Hannelore Hoger in “Bella Block”, where he took on the role of chief detective. 2013-2019 he was Chief Inspector Jens Stellbrink alongside Elisabeth Brück in Saarbrucken’s Tatort. David Striesow also had great success with the film “I left“, who wrote a travelogue of the same name Also in the Church came to the big screen in 2015. His list of television and film appearances is long and includes more than 120 credits.

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If you haven’t seen the excellent film I’m Gone Then starring David Striesow, here’s a sneak peek from the trailer in our video:

I will be gone – trailer

Devidas Striesov currently: “Nothing new in the West”

From October 28 David Striesow will be without a top class cast Daniel Brühl and Albrecht Schuch in the new editionNothing new in the West” can be seen on Netlfix, from September 29. the film will also be shown in select theaters. The anti-war film promises great cinema and is about a group of young men who are in a state of euphoria First world war want to pull But when the brave boys experience the horrors of a brutal war, the mood quickly darkens.

On the third attempt, Devid Striesov fell in love with his manager Ines Ganzberger, whom he has been married to since 2018. The couple living in Ukermark is raising a young son together. Devid Striesow already has four other children from previous relationships. From October 28, the former Tatort inspector will appear on Netflix in a new show of the anti-war film Nothing New in the West.

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