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FC St. Pauli has another new contract for next season reported: PAS Giannina right defender Manolis Saliak signed to FCSP signed. The 25-year-old Greek national arrives at Millerntor with a free pass.
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History so far

Manolis “Manas” Saliakas is 25 years old (Greek sports commentators say “Salljak”, with a sharp S at the beginning and end, by the way). During such an age, it has been quite a lot. Born in Heraklion, Crete, he was educated GS Ergotelis In Crete, Saliakas entered the U20 in 2013 Olympiacos Piraeus.. At the end of his first season at U20, he was even allowed to play in a 90-minute professional league match with his current club, PAS Giannina.

But it wasn’t so sudden. There have been no more matches in the league yet, and in 2016. in the summer he was lent to a club of beautiful name in Cyprus. In Karmoti Pano Polemidion. Saliak was a regular player there, but the season unfortunately ended with the club relegation. Another loan followed. This time we succeeded PAE Chania to the second league of Greece. Manos Saliak was also regular there, but not always in the right defense, but in the midfield. Chania scored five goals and seven assists in its first year. But in the second season, due to injury, he played fewer matches than last season.

The next big step in My Salalia’s career followed the 19/20 season. He joined Olympiacos from Piraeus. NE Lamiawho played in the first Greek league. There he started out as a regular player, but had to take more and more seats on the backup bench over the course of the season. Just one season later, Saliakas moved into the league. PAS Giannina was his new club and there he managed to establish himself and become a regular in his first season. By the way, he plays there alongside the former FCSP-Kicker Jan Mark Schneider. So far this season, Saliak has started almost the entire match (once suspended due to a yellow card) and has only missed the final whistle twice. These alone are the stats that can only be desired for the right defender FC St. Pauli.

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Andreas Bornemann and Manolis Saliak, who will play FC St.  Pauli on the team.
Manolis Saliak, Andreas Bornemann, FCSP T-shirt and relatively dark background 😉
c) FC St. Pauli


To learn more about Manas Saliakas first hand, just follow him Twitterat Instagram or Facebook (although it hasn’t worked there in a long time).
If you want to find out about his skills for yourself, I recommend two videos about the skills his consulting agency has posted online: From Season 20/21 and from there The year 2021.


So say the experts

We interacted with some people and a little more intensively with two Greek FCSP fans (SouthEndScum + FC St. Pauli Chania Club) spoke of Mana Saliak, who both gave us a fairly detailed picture of Salalia, which I will briefly summarize.
Manolis Saliakas is a defender on the right wing and stands out for his hard work. In addition, he seems to be very stable in both offense and defense, his style of play is described as “strong and clear at the same time” and has a good cross technique. Especially this season, he has taken a huge step forward and is widely regarded as the best right defender in the entire Greek Super League. In addition, his “good character” is emphasized, as he has never been prominent inside or outside the square.
In particular, all the contacts greeted us with the relocation, which is a very good sign.

That’s what the data says

The posts you’ve read about Manos Saliakas (I threw a lot of them into the translators ’machines) have one thing in common: Saliakas is titled one of the league’s top right defenders and everyone emphasizes how much he’s improved. improved this season.

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This is also shown by the data. It’s really amazing. Whether it’s defensive, offensive, or passing stats: Manos Saliak is among the top 10 in the league, if not the measure of all things. So the data shows almost the entire right defender. A player who contributes a lot to the attack and still defends steadily.

Radar chart of Manolis Saliakas showing the main 2021/22.  season winger statistics.
Radar chart showing Manoli Saliako’s main defender statistics (blue) compared to the median of the Greek Super League (red).

If you click on one of the two skill videos …

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