Who is Marcus Brooks in This Is Us? What is his connection to the Pearsons?


Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 6 Series 17.

Season 2, Series 13 This Is Us, the penultimate part of Dan Fogelman’s beloved family drama, celebrates the circle of life, following the tale of the tragic death of the Pearson family matriarch Rebecca and the rare scientific breakthrough that dr. Marcus Brooks, an Alzheimer’s researcher who was on the same hospital as Jack Pearson the night he died.

Was Dr. Marcus Brooks in This Is Us?

The two actors made their debut in This Series, Series 17, 17. Jonigan Booth joins the show as a younger version of Marcus, a boy who was in the hospital that night when Jack Pearson died. Luke Forbes plays an older version of Marcus (aka Dr. Marcus Brooks), ready to become an innovative scientist.

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Jack and Mark are in the same ward when Mark is a boy. Marcus’ family is eagerly awaiting more information about the boy’s injuries. During that time, Jack shares the wise words of the Pearson family that were first told to him by Dr. K. (Gerald McRaney) to Marcus’ father Kenny (Dulé Hill).

“You took the most acidic lemon life could offer and turned it into something like lemonade,” Jack tells Markus’ father. To this day, dr. Marcus Brooks about the quote – as a source of motivation, things became difficult.

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Dr. Marcus Brooks, who is now a scientist researching Alzheimer’s, is portrayed as a person considering giving up because he failed to secure funding for the project. Later in the episode, he makes a breakthrough – developing treatments for patients like Rebecca Pearson.

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Season 6 of This Is Us 17 series uses a train metaphor to show Rebecca’s death. Swear, we’re entering the breaking area here. When Kate (Chrissy Metz) does business in London, the family is on watch as Rebecca’s condition worsens overnight.

Pearson, led by Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), stands out to say goodbye. Kate arrives in the morning just in time to see her mom for the last time. When the guide is William (Ron Cephas Jones), Rebecca goes on the train and meets Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) again as soon as he reaches the kitchen.

“I always thought the penultimate episode would end with Rebecca’s death. Like us, ”Dan told Deadline. “In the last series, we will try to capture something simple, which, although sad, is the day of life that is talked about so much in the series, not Rebecca’s funeral.

Who is Dance’s guy in “It’s Us”? is it Dr. Marcus Brooks?

Season 6, Series 17 is based on an ingenious editing trick that combines Dance scenes with Dr. Marcus Brooks mingled. Early Unfortunately, she describes her husband as a workaholic – claiming that she and dr. Marcus Brooks could be a couple.

We later find out that Unfortunately he met his childhood lover Malik (Asante Blackk) again and they are expecting a baby. Unfortunately, she tells her father that she is worried about time because the pregnancy coincides with the start of her residency.

This Is Us Season 6 Final will be shown on Tuesday, 2022. May 24, 9 p.m. EST via NBC.


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