Who is responsible for cleaning and distribution?

Winter service in Cologne: who is responsible for cleaning and spreading? (icon picture)
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Meteorologist for example, because of the Cologne snow and black ice in front. So here comes the theme Winter services or cleaning and sanding obligation enabled. Who has to spread and clean when and where? The city of Cologne has several for that published noticesin which it should be clear who has to fulfill what obligations here.

In principle, all property owners are required to clear the traffic areas and sidewalks on their property of snow and sand them in order to fulfill the obligation of safe traffic. However, in most cases this obligation is contractually transferred to tenants, etc.

However, residents must also carry out winter maintenance of public footpaths. This is regulated by the Cologne Street Cleaning Statute. Accordingly, the snow on the sidewalks must be removed in a width of 1.50 meters. It doesn’t matter if the Cologne Waste Management Company (AWB) cleans the sidewalk normally. If there is no sidewalk, a 1.50 meter wide snow strip must be cleared of snow on the roadway along the lot.

Other winter services for residents

Winter service does not only apply to sidewalks. Because if the section of the road along the property has pedestrian crossings, such as traffic lights or zebra crossings, the path to the curb must also be cleared of ice and snow. So that the snow is not annoying more than necessary, it should be piled between the road and the sidewalk.

Residents are also responsible for accessing public transport stops or school buses as part of the winter service. Here they have to ensure that there is no snow and ice on the sidewalks. This is to ensure safe entry and exit to stations, passenger shelters and subway exits. However, the KVB itself is usually responsible for individual and specially designed light rail stations. Basically, AWB cleans the bus and train stops themselves, which are on the sidewalks.

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What are the residents allowed to temper with?

In principle, only destructive substances such as pellets or sand are allowed for sprinkling will be used. Do not use salt or other defrosting agents. This measure aims to protect water bodies and the environment. These materials can only be used in exceptional cases. This applies, for example, in freezing rain, downhill or uphill, as well as in dangerous places such as stairs, ramps, bridge ascents and descents.

When should it be cleaned and spread?

Cologne’s street cleaning statute stipulates that in the event of snow or black ice, sidewalks must be swept or sanded. If it started snowing after 20:00, it is enough to wait until the next morning to clear it. However, the trails must be clear by 7 a.m. The same goes for black ice. Only on Sundays and public holidays it is sufficient if the site is cleared or sanded by 9am. If it snows continuously, it should only be removed when it stops snowing or when it snows only lightly.

On websites Waste management companies in Cologne (AWB) for more information on winter service.

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